Hello Avee Customers!

We are happy to inform you that we are now shipping all orders! We apologize for the delay throughout this process. We are incredibly happy and proud to see a such a great product going out to the market. We had high expectations and it has turned out even better than we had expected—we hope you enjoy it just as much as we do!

Look for your email confirmation for your shipment soon.

The Avee Team

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  1. I’m having an issue paying for my purchase, please help. When I try to checkout by going to paypal, it keeps giving me a error message saying things don’t seem to be working right now, try again later…. I don’t have a latter time to purchase this item, I really need it now. PLEASE HELP

    1. Hello Nathan, yes I saw this – and I sent you an email about it. We have seen lots of these lately and will contact the supplier of the Paypal system tomorrow. Will prepare an aver for you ! Will be shipped on Thursday.

  2. Hi, I’m having the same problem, cannot pay thru Paypal. Second, are you already shipping the Bluetooth version ?
    Final question, this Bluetooth system is only to connect in mobile devices or it allow to use wireless for the two way ATC communications? As I understood you can either connect by Bluetooth OR cable if you prefer .
    I own a Bose QC35

    1. Hello Calo,
      We working hard to get the PayPal working! Will get back to you when it is up and running.
      The avee bluetooth controller is shipping late December, but the system can be used as a normal avionics headset without that unit. It is truly a plug 6 play system so it is simply plugged in on the cable from the avee to the aircraft.
      The bluetooth is only used for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad etc) and not for the etc communication.

  3. hello . could you help me check the shipping status about the order number#1551? please.
    we paid at 7th November. still no information about the shipping..thanks ..

    1. Hello, we are wating for the 174/U connectors. As soon as they are here we will ship by DHL to you!

  4. Can I have an update on my shipment, please? If people who are just ordering today getting shipped in the same week I feel like I should have received mine. I tried to create a ticket but it wouldn’t let me. I ordered October 11th

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