Web problems

We are still experiences problems with our web site. We have people working on it, and we hope all problems will be gone very soon. The majority of the problems are found in the Products section. Note: these problems do not affect shipping of ordered products !

Web problems & price increase

We are currently experiencing some problems with the store module on our web. We have a very smart guy from Sweden (yes there are smart guys in Sweden, but they are really rare) working on this, and hopefully the problem(s) will be fixed in not to long. We do get messages that customers have problems […]

Price increase from February 1st

February 1st we will increase our product prices by 15% to absorb DTP – Duty Tax Paid. Practically this means that all local taxes and customs fees are pre-paid by us from January 24th. Order before February 1st to avoid this price increase – and still get DTP (no local charges) benefits!

Prices including local taxes and customs

All shipments from avee includes all local taxes and customs fees from January 24th 2018. There will not be any extra local charges to pay when receiving your avee product. Note: from February 1st we will increase the price on all our products to support this. Order now and avoid this price increase!

Confirmed shipping date

We are happy to confirm that we start shipping January 24. Orders are shipped in the same order they came in, however we estimate that all existing orders will be shipped within this week (Friday 26.). All orders are shipped using DHL Express. This means that the estimated shipping time to the US east coast is […]

Stock issue: January 24!

After releasing the avee product for sale in November 2017, we have seen our first few houndred units sell faster than we ever imagined. We are now in very good situation with lots of orders, incredibly good feedback – but unfortunately: stock totally empty (its is like black hole in there). This is of course […]

The avee Bluetooth Controller

The Bluetooth controller has been under development for a long period of time, and we have finally started testing the product. We are still facing some issues, but we see that the moment of product release is getting closer. The Bluetooth controller we presented on the AERO 2017 in Friedrichshafen Germany (and still presented on our […]

Technical Standard Orders (TSO) Authorization

We started working on a TSO Authorization – Technical Standard Orders late November 2017. This is a fairly slow process, but we will add more juice to it from our side in January 2018. This means that we hope (this process is partly out of our hands) to get the TSO within February 2018. It […]

Out of stock!

Due to a large amount of orders and a large back-order, we are presently out of stock! We will be able to start shipping to new customers in about three weeks. Receive our apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience !

Video: Avee Setup Instructions

Hello Avee Customers! Before installing your avee add-on, please take a look at the Avee setup instruction video ! Thanks, The Avee Team