Newsletter July 2019

Happy summer to all of you !

Here in Oslo – the summer has been visiting us –  and left again.
However we are living with the hope of meeting warmer days, and we are still enjoying our holiday period. 

The BlueLink

We have started shipping the BlueLink !
The first few units left us early June, and we are now escalating production to be able to come down to a ‘same day shipment’ as we already have on the Avee microphone add ons .
But before we are there, we are shipping out BlueLinks to you who have already purchased it.

Development has finished some time ago on the BlueLink, but we are still adding changes and tweaks to it.
These changes are suggestions for improvements coming from our earliest customers and testers. Suggestions for improvements can be emailed to us at or simply give us a call.

As a small company, we simply must ship at a slow unit-rate per week now in the beginning.
Our goal is that all customers who has preordered and prepaid – will get their BlueLink within August – this year (if anybody wonders).

Early summer trip

A parts of the Avee Team had a trip down to Rügen in Germany some weeks ago. Rügen is some 3-4 hrs flight from us here in the Oslo area.
Flying a Diamond DA-40D (no toilet – thats where the extra hrs comes in)). A really beautiful area with lots of history. Germany is always nice to visit.

All three of us in the Diamond had BlueLinks: linked up to Skydemon and music in the front seats, and music in the back seat.

  • The audio muting which we have spent so much time on, simply works beautifully.
    It is simply incredible to listen to (loud) music while you are flying. For longer trips as pilots on commercial airliners, audio books must be a perfect way to pass long hours…
    The auto muting features makes it safe – but you should know what you are doing. Common sence is always a good thing.
  • The sound quality on the music is simply amazing: full high quality stereo even if the aircraft has a mono system.
    The mono sound from the radio and intercom is of course mixed with/into the BlueLink stereo sound.
  • Skydemon ( the ‘best VFR-planning and navigation device in the world’ ( (according to Skydemon themself – and we have to agree that it is simply incredible)) – is feeding its messages to the BlueLink as well, muting the music automatically.
  • We have put the BlueLink User Guide on the web now.
    Go to Support -> Download, and there you can download the full Users Guide as a pdf.
    You find lots of other interesting info there as well. This will be our standard download portal from now on.
  • As stated on the download pages, we are also in the progress of making a demo video of the BlueLink. A week or two and it can be viewed as well.
  • We are also finalizing the BlueLink Software updater these days.
    This is an application which is running on both Mac and Windows PC, enabling you to download new firmware to the BlueLink.
  • An interesting feature with the BlueLink is that you can downlad new software to the Avee microphone add-on to it . You can also configure stereo settings and microphone output levels as well as other settings.
    You can even test most of the funcionality  and make yourself comfortable with the BlueLink at home.

Needless to say: yes – we are really proud of how the BlueLink turned out!

Again – thanks to you have waited patiently so long. It is brought to you by the DHL-man very soon now!

The new Bose 700

We got the new Bose 700 in our mailbox early this week.
The first impression is that it looks and sounds amazingly good. Lots of features that can be used –  and not just to look good.
We will come with a practical test for it in not long, and we will develop a microphone add-on for it.
We will figure out a Bose 700 microphone add-on upgrade for already existing customers.

But for the coming weeks we have full focus on scaling up the BlueLink production and getting it out to you!

We wish you all a continued warm, sunny and safe summer !

The Avee Team