Newsletter April 2019

Happy easter to all of you !
We have just returned from the Aero 2019 fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany – where we had a very good but exhausting four days.
Lots of existing customers and new customers came to our stand to see us – and that is what makes this fun.

The BlueLink
This year we finally demonstrated the Avee BlueLink – and we are really happy with the very good response we got on this product.
The BlueLink is in production and we start shipping it out in May (we are talking 2019)  – first to you who have been patiently waiting for so long.
We have spent so much time on the design of the BlueLink  – and to make it like we wanted it to be. When checking out the prototypoe box, we count more than 12 different versions: from the version we demonstrated on the Aero fair in April 2017 – through a number of versions ‘in progress’, the version we started testing in flight in December lst year, to the version we proudly have ended up with and demonstrating at the Aero 2019.

Keyword like wearability, reliability, simplicity and fallback possibility has been extremely important for us when doing the design of the BlueLink. Yes; we did spend close to two years more than we expected, but the final product has turned out so good – and needless to say: we are proud of it.
We are working on a demo video of it, and will present this on the web shortly.

German Dealer
We are happy to welcome Sebastian Huth and Huth Communications Gmbh welcome to the Avee Team as our German dealer !
Sebstian will play a major role in distributing the Avee products in Germany (as a start). You will find full information on Huth Communications Gmbh on the about us page in a couple of days.

The spring is here
The spring has for sure come even to the more northern parts of the globe. Norway has had the best Easter holyday in ‘memory of man’ (which is not very long). Perfect for flying!

We wish you all a continued Happy Easter !

The Avee Team