Newsletter January 2019

We have just finished our second year in business, and we are simply overwhelmed by the response we have gotten on our products.
As we stated in the October newsletter, the number of sold units has been growing with an average rate of 25% per month since April 2018 – and this has continued.
And that does of course prove that we are doing some things fairly right.

Product development
In the Avee company – we are spending our days developing new products and improving products we have already made. The Avee for the Sony WH1000XM3 is now in full production – and we are celebrating this by giving you free shipment on all orders above USD100.
s for QC25 and QC35.

Challenges during 2018
Our biggest challenge last year was quality problems on some batches of the Avee cable. These issues caused crackling audio for the units affected.
The fact that the majority of our customers are professional pilots and use the product ‘full time’, puts a lot of stress on all components in the Avee system and we make every effort possible to keep the quality of the product to a top level.
The cable quality issues are now solved, but to meet the high requirements from the professional market – we do for sure keep a very close eye on the quality of the products we get from our manufacturers.

The Avee BlueLink – logistics
We finished the development of the Avee BlueLink late last year, and we have shipped a limited amount of units to test customers.
The feedback we get from the test-users is used to improve the product  – and to be able to release it to all customers.
We are currently entering the period of the Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration – lasting from the end of January till mid February. Even if this celebration is very well deserved for our Chinese friends, it is giving us some logistics challenges.
It is a fact that a lot of the worlds electronics and plastic enclosures are produced in China, and we started seeing delays caused by pile-ups for the CNY already in November last year.
The short  version is that we are facing some delays cause of the CNY on the BlueLink, but we are where we should be right after CNY.

The Avee BlueLink – technical
The Avee BlueLink has turned out to be an amazing product: it is extremely easy to operate with a 240x240pixel full color LCD and silicon keys, it is safe, tiny – and it gives you around 25 hours of continuous Bluetooth audio (music) time.
We have added features to it like the ‘rubber’ covered bottom side and a magnetic cradle that makes it easy to keep the BlueLink in one place.
The cradle can be mounted to a vertical or horizontal surface.
The Avee25 BlueLink Adapter cables can be used both with the BlueLink and without: the audio signals from the aircraft is automatically switched through the cable when the BlueLink is not connected.

Aero 2019 in Germany
This year (like in 2017 and 2018) we are attending the Aero 2019 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.
This year you will find us in hall A5 – and our stand #111 is 25% larger than last year to reflect the improve monthly sales!
See you there !  

We wish you all a Happy New Year and Happy CNY to our Chinese friends!

The Avee Team