Happy Easter Holiday – March 31-April ​6th

Happy Easter Holiday 2021 – March 31-April 6th According  to the tradition here  in  Norway, we have found our wooden skis and are  heading  for  the mountains to enjoy the  last snow of 2021.We are back again Tuesday April 6th. 

Newsletter 2020

Happy New year to all of you ! This year has been the busiest year in Avees short history !We are really happy to say that NOW we are finally on track with all our products.We do have all products in stock and we are able to deliver the same day as the orders come […]

Newsletter October 2018

Newsletter October 2018 The summer and fall of 2018 has been really busy for us at Avee !  The number of sold units has been growing with an average rate of 25% per month since April and this has been quite a mouthful to handle for us as a small company. Since April we have […]

The custom colorful QC35

We get lots of questions on the colorful QC35 on our front page. This custom design QC35 special edition may be ordered from Bose on this link: https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/headphones/over_ear_headphones/quietcomfort-35-ii-wireless-custom.html All pictures of Rob are taken by Geoff Meza Photography www.gmezaphoto.com Thanks a lot Rob and Geoff letting us use the pictures !

Web redesign & work

We are currently redesigning our web pages! This means that the web pages will look a bit weird for some time, but in a week or two everything will look fresh, crisp & nice as a Norwegian mountain river! Our goals are: Make it easier to find the information & product you are looking for […]

Exchangeable microphone boom

We are happy to announce that we have started shipping the Avee add-on with an exchangeable microphone boom: the Avee145 Exchangeable Noise Cancelling Microphone. When ordering the Avee add-on, you are now given the choice between two microphone booms: the standard 145mm boom and the slightly longer 165mm microphone boom. The microphone boom is exchangeable […]

New shipping methods

We have changed our service provider for the shipment module on our web. This means that we have now added a few more shipping methods: standard post shipments – and DHL Economy for Europe. Standard post delivery reduces the shipment cost to 30-50% of DHL shipment cost, and this is a good alternative if you […]

Cable problems

We are experiencing huge problems with one batch of aircraft interface cables! This problem leads to crackling sound and even complete loss of sound. We got aware of the problem some 3-4 weeks ago and immediately starting investigating what the cause of the problem was. We have found that the connections from the cable to […]

Price adjustments – March 9th

Since January 24th this year our prices have included all custom fees, local taxes and fees. This means that the price you see in the checkout is the price you pay whether you live in Australia, the United States or in Norway. You will not get any surprises when the DHL driver delivers your avee! […]

Web back to normal

Our web is now back to normal operations. We are doing some cosmetic changes to it now, and will also add a ‘easy to find section’ on most common questions, installations and cable lengths. We will also add a section where customers can add non censored comments to the products as well as post pictures […]