• The entry model with the avee100 Aircraft Interface – simply interfacing your aircraft radio and intercom to the ANR headset,
  • or the advanced solution with the avee200 Bluetooth Aircraft Interface handset connecting wirelessly to your headset – as well as interfacing the aircraft radio and intercom, or
  • the PRO solution avee 300 where the handset is entirely replaced with integrated electronics in your headset plug-in.

System design – by pilots – for pilots

Clever functions have been added to make your headset more comfortable to wear, safer to operate – simply making your radio communication more reliable:

avee100 & avee200: Noise & hassle free volume control based on encoder wheel.
avee100 & avee200: You are informed when an aircraft interface connector is (accidentally) pulled out – and plugged in – or simply having a bad connection.
avee100 & avee200: Automatic mono/stereo channel settings
avee100 & avee200: Adjustable audio output level
avee100: Clip to fasten the controller to your seatbelt.
avee100 & avee200: All cables can be exchanged in seconds.
avee100 & avee200: Safe and reliable connectors.
avee200: All cables going to the same end – avoiding lap cable clutter.
avee200: More than 50 hours battery capacity when used with an active Bluetooth connection.
avee 200: You are warned about low battery. Clever circuitry has been added enabling the system continue to work and give you a clear and crisp sound – without Bluetooth – even if the battery is flat.
avee200: Batteries can be charged – and powered from external sources in flight.
Light weight, soft, thin and flexible cables
Thoroughly tested in a number of aircrafts in real life situations.
3 years limited warranty on avee100 & avee200.
2 years limited warranty on cables.
2 years limited warranty on headset interfaces.
avee100 & avee200: Software upgrade able via USB. Software updates available for free.
avee200: App for iPhone / iPad coming fall 2016. App for Android planned December 2016. Configuration.

Interfacing the aircraft

A range of interface cables are made available to support the variety of radio and intercom connectors found in aircrafts.
Examples are dual GA, XLR-5, Bose/Lemo and Neutricon.

The avee kits

For your convenience we have made kits out of the two most common avee headset solutions using the avee36 GA Aircraft interface Cable. These avee kits are complete headset interface systems including all required parts except the headset itself.

The two kit contains the following four parts:

The avee15 or the avee25 headset interface
Choose the headset interface for your Bose headset.
The avee10 Headset interface Cable
The avee100 AC Controller or the avee200 Bluetooth AC Controller
Simply choose the control unit you need. The control unit is plugged into the system and may easily be changed for it’s counterpart.
The avee36 GA Aircraft Interface cable
This is the interface cable between the communication controller and the aircraft with GA connectors.
Note: If you need other connectors (hence; a different avee3x Aircraft Interface Cable), please select each component in the system ‘manually’ from the Buy page.

How to purchase

Please visit our webshop to purchase kits or individual products in the avee system.