We are happy to announce that we have started shipping the Avee add-on with an exchangeable microphone boom: the Avee145 Exchangeable Noise Cancelling Microphone.
When ordering the Avee add-on, you are now given the choice between two microphone booms: the standard 145mm boom and the slightly longer 165mm microphone boom.

The microphone boom is exchangeable in a few seconds, and is securely attached to the Avee add-on with a combination of a micro USB connector and the microphone stub silicone part.

The introduction of the exchangeable microphone solves two challenges for us:

  • Improved noise immunity
    The microphone boom is shielded all the way from the root to the tip, and prevents the wires from the microphone to pick up electrical noise (for example 400hz) from heated windows. The micro-USB gives an excellent connection to ground.
  • We are created in somewhat different sizes
    The two different microphone boom lengths available does not solve this completely, but it makes it a bit easier to handle.

The Avee145 Exchangeable Noise Cancelling Microphone is part of the avee microphone add-on, but can also be purchased separately.