This year the Aero Friedrichshafen has been a success and we are now back home. We will start preparing all the orders by priority.

Thanks for your patience!

Our German reseller

We are really happy to welcome Huth Communication GmbH – and Sebastian Huth welcome as our reseller in Germany.
For those of you attending the Aero 2019 fair in Friedrichshaven, will recognise Sebastian from our stand there.
Sebastian has been flying for many years and is even the happy (..) owner of a Cessna Rocket.

Huth Communications GmbH is based in Kehl in southern Germany – a stone´s throw from Strasbourg in France.

Huth Communication Gmbh contact details:

Huth Communication GmbH
Sternenstraße 13, 77694 Kehl / Rhein
Telefon: +49 (0) 7851 708950-0, Fax +49 (0) 7851 484537
Email: or directly to Sebastian:

Buying our products

When purchasing Avee products, these are ordered as normally via our web.
Purchasing is done this way to keep things simple (avoiding building costly sales systems) and to be able to store information about the customer in our (one) database.
Information about you is again needed for warranty purposes – and to be able to give you the service we feel you deserve.

Reduced shipment costs

So far – our customers have had one option for shipment: DHL World Express.
DHL has proven to be extremely reliable and supoer fast: typically one night from Norway to Europe and two nights to the US.
But this fast and reliable shipment has come at fairly high cost (EUR 25-35 ) for the shipment.

Deutche Post shipments

We are now offering Deutche Post tracked shipments from Kehl, Germany to all European countries.
Practically this means a higly reduced shipment rate on our products for those customers who does not need the product over night.
All local taxes and local VAT is prepaid as before: nothing to pay for you when you get the parcel.

When ordering choose Deutche Post tracked shipment as shipment alternative.

DHL shipments

We will of course continue offering DHL shipments to those of you that are in a hurry – and the ones with a thick wallet.

When ordering choose DHL World Express shipment as shipment alternative.

Local pickup Germany

We are now also offering local pickup at Kehl in Germany.

When ordering on our web pages, please pay on the web and choose Local pickup Kehl for this alternative. 
In the very near future it will also be possible to pay locally.

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