We have now started shipping the new avee20 Aircraft Adapter Cable. The cable has been completely redesigned and all previous problems we had with one batch of the cable are gone.

The new design
The strength relief on the new cable is designed in such a way that it is no longer pointing straight back to your neck. It is now pointing either 80 degrees up or 80 degrees down (referring to a imaginary vertical line from the headset ) depending which way the connector is plugged into the avee ( see pictures below).
This gives an optimal cable direction for both aircrafts with the plug-in panel ‘in the roof’/above your head (Airbus and Boeing aircraft) , and for aircrafts where the plug-in panel is below your head ( Cessna, Piper, Diamond etc).
The strength relief itself is also redesigned to give a real relief on the cable.

New cable length
The new cable will be available in three lenghts: 125cm (49 in), 165cm (65 in) and 200cm (79 in) (new length).
For the avee20 Aicraft Adapter Cable with XLR, 174/U and Bose (Lemo Redel) connectors, we support all lengths up to 200cm (79 in) as well.


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  1. Hi,

    Avee mic has been great until recentlt.

    I have a cable that is crackling. Can I get a new replacement please. I need it for work, its disturbing when I cant hear well.

    Thank you.

      1. Hi,

        Yes GA, if possible I would like to get the 165 please. What is the earliest possible can u ship it out?

        Thank you

        1. Yes I will change for a 165. We are receiving our cables tomorrow and we are shipping the replacement on regular post. You will recive it in about 10 days or so.


  2. I have a few questions.

    1. I also have issues with the connection wire losing signal and cracking. how do we go about getting a replacement for our current connector.

    2. When I go to my order page, it tells me that I have not submitted a ticket and to click on a hyper link to submit a ticket. I tried to submit a ticket and every time I do, your system tells me that I am not allowed to submit a ticket. How can I report a problem if I am not allowed to submit a ticket? Why am I restricted from submitting a ticket?

    3. I ordered the Pro AVEE 350 Bluetooth Controller with my Avee QC35 Mic and GA 165cm dual cable, your website indicated that the Bluetooth Controller Devices would be ready and shipped by the end of March, It is now almost June and still no word about the 350 bluetooth controller. Is there a shipping date for the blue tooth controller, I was told you were waiting on the outside housing too be finished in March, any update?

    Thank you… Jeff

    1. Hello Jeff,
      the best way to reach us is by email. sales@avee.no
      I will need your order number to see what is your cable and your address and will shipped it this week.
      The BT controller is not ready but on is way to be. We had some huge issues with cable who affected the production of BT but we dis not forget you.


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