We have now started shipping the new avee20 Aircraft Adapter Cable. The cable has been completely redesigned and all previous problems we had with one batch of the cable are gone.

The new design
The strength relief on the new cable is designed in such a way that it is no longer pointing straight back to your neck. It is now pointing either 80 degrees up or 80 degrees down (referring to a imaginary vertical line from the headset ) depending which way the connector is plugged into the avee ( see pictures below).
This gives an optimal cable direction for both aircrafts with the plug-in panel ‘in the roof’/above your head (Airbus and Boeing aircraft) , and for aircrafts where the plug-in panel is below your head ( Cessna, Piper, Diamond etc).
The strength relief itself is also redesigned to give a real relief on the cable.

New cable length
The new cable will be available in three lenghts: 125cm (49 in), 165cm (65 in) and 200cm (79 in) (new length).
For the avee20 Aicraft Adapter Cable with XLR, 174/U and Bose (Lemo Redel) connectors, we support all lengths up to 200cm (79 in) as well.