Newsletter October 2018

The summer and fall of 2018 has been really busy for us at Avee !  The number of sold units has been growing with an average rate of 25% per month since April and this has been quite a mouthful to handle for us as a small company. Since April we have simply had a very busy time being able to ship products – but we believe this means we are doing something right.
Handling the increased number of orders has for sure put some pressure on us when it comes to being able to deliver and plan for future deliveries.

When we started the company close to two years ago, we expected that most of the customers would be private pilots. However what we do experience – based on the number of sold units with special connectors (XLR-5 and Neutricon in particular) and direct contact with the customer, is that 80-90% of the customers are commercial pilots.
The fact that these professional pilots are investing in products from us makes us quite proud.

As you might know already, all products are designed in Norway – and final assembly, test and shipments are done from here. The plastic enclosures (the plastic for the Avee) and cables are manufactured in China – and the quality of the work is simply amazing. 
For final assembly of the circuit boards inside the avees, we are using a local company located a few minutes away from our office.

We are incredibly happy with the good relationship we have with our manufacturers, and of course: we could not have done it without them !

Product improvements and optimization
Since April this year, we have been spending development resources on three different fields; production improvements, product optimization and new development.
The product we sold in December last year, is not the same product as we are selling now even if it looks the same from the outside.

On the avee microphone add-ons we have implemented the following major upgrades:

  • The detachable microphone element
    We introduced the detachable microphone late July with two different microphone lengths available.
    This has been a highly successful upgrade! Apart from being able to exchange the microphone in the matter of seconds (without tools), you can choose between two different microphone boom lengths: 145mm and 165mm.
  • New cable & connector
    The cable was completely redesigned in June (delivery July).
  • Electronics redesign (part 1)
    The electronics inside the avee was redesigned in June mainly to optimize production.
    Note that the electronics inside the avees is similar for all existing models.
  • Plastic redesign part 1
    The plastic enclosures for the avees fitting the QC25 & 35 was redesigned in March to improve the fit to the headset.
  • Plastic redesign part 2
    The plastic enclosures for the avees fitting the QC35 has just gone through a new redesign to reduce final assembly time and to improve product stability.
    We started shipping products with the new enclosure last week.


New development 1: the Avee Bluetooth Controller 
On the new development side, the Avee Bluetooth Controller has been our main focus. We had to postpone this product because of the extreme situations we have had this year, but we are now back on track.
We are happy to announce the time of shipment ( December this year) – and the product is simply amazing. Fun and simple to use – and it looks like ‘it has been made in the city’ as ‘us folks up here in the north’ like to say when we see something extremely gorgeous, awesome and not the least: user friendly and useful!
More information will be presented on the web during the coming weeks.

New development 2: the Avee Microphone add-on for the Sony WH-1000XM3
Yes – this is truly something very good. The Sony WH-1000XM3 was released some weeks ago, and we were the first one in line to get it here in Norway.
The Sony simply gets extremely good feedback from reviews: better comfort, better ANR and better passive noise reduction (ANR off) than the QCs.

We would like to add some more things:

  • The audio level is way better on the Sony compared to the QCs when ANR is OFF (flat battery or simply off). There is hardly no reduction in audio level with a flat battery – and this is important for pilots.
  • Mechanically the Sony is using a 3.5mm audio connector instead of a 2.5mm connector for connecting external audio and the avee.
    Together with the pat.pending Avee Magnet connection, this gives a very secure connection between the avee and the Sony. The microphone boom and the cables are standard avee cables and fits all avee products.
  • The Sony warns you when the ANR battery is getting low even when the avee is plugged in.
    The QCs are not doing this.
  • The avee electronics is completely redesigned to fit the physical dimensions on the Sony. There are lots of news inside this electronics which we have to come back to in mid November.

We TRULY believe the Sony will be great choice great for aviators: both in the front seat – or when relaxing in the back seat.
Or relaxing under 1) a Norwegian birch tree & snow & -18,3C / or 2) under a palm tree with a fresh mojito and +28C.

Happy Halloween and have a great fall!
The Avee team

Newsletter October 2018

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