After releasing the avee product for sale in November 2017, we have seen our first few houndred units sell faster than we ever imagined.
We are now in very good situation with lots of orders, incredibly good feedback – but unfortunately: stock totally empty (its is like black hole in there). This is of course frustrating for all of you waiting. And we promise you: it is frustrating for us as well but, at the same time it feels very good ‘hitting the market’ with a good product.

In the last few weeks we have spent a lot of effort and time on our production and logistics systems.
The parts for the avee products comes from all around the globe: USA, Europe and of course China. The circuit boards are assembled by a company very close to the avee HQ.
Final assembly, programming and test is done in house at the moment, but will be done by an external Norwegian company in the very short future.

We are now getting new sub parts in house – and according to our plans, we get the last parts in house January 15. To give our self some slack, we have therefore announced a new shipment date of January 24.
From the end of the month he first week of February, we are aiming for a ‘same or next data shipment’.
All shipments will by the way be done world wide by DHL (DHL World Express).

We are busy – and we have lots of fun! And the fun will come to you very soon!