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Avee20 Aircraft Interface Cable
The Avee20 Aircraft Interface Cable is the cable between the headset and the aircraft plug-in / avionics panel.
The cable is a made of a flexible, rugged and high quality Kevlar strengthened material with built in strength relief in both ends.

  • 174/U connector
  • Bose connector
  • GA Dual Connectors
  • Neutricon
  • XLR-5 connector
  • 125cm
  • 165cm
  • 200cm


Please note that the Avee20 Aircraft Interface Cable is included if you purchase the Avee add-on kit, but it is always nice to one extra of these cables !

Three different lengths
The Avee20 cables are available in a 125cm,165cm (most common) and 200cm lengths.

Five different connectors to the aircraft available
All  Avee Interface Cables are available with a range of aircraft interface connectors:

  • The ‘industry standard’ dual GA connector.
    The connector is used in almost all GA aircrafts but also in Boeing and Airbus aircrafts and is easily recognize on the old fashioned 5.2 and 6.3 audio dual connectors. The 5.2mm connector carries GND, PTT and the MIC signal, while the 6.3mm connector carries GND plus left and right channel.
    The GA connectors are factory mounted as an over-mold on the cable.
  • The rugged XLR-5.
    This connector is common in Airbus and Boeing aircrafts.
  • The 174/U connector
    The 174/U connector is common in helicopters.
  • The Neutricon connector
    The Neutricon connector is used in Lufthansa B747 fleet among others.
  • The Lemo Redel connector
    The Lemo Redel connector is fairly rare even if it is very good connector. The connector is also referred to as a Bose connector.


Connection to the Avee microphone
The Avee20 cable is connected to the Avee microphone with a USB C connector. The USB C connector is an industry standard with redundant connecting points.
The USB C connector on the Avee20 cable may be plugged into the Avee microphone with the strength relief pointing either down (normal) or up.

Avee20 vs Avee25 cables
The difference between the Avee20 Aircraft Interface Cable and the Avee25 BlueLink Interface Cable, is that the Avee25 has the ‘split connector’ for the BlueLink while the Avee20 cables does not.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 cm
Headset Connector(s)

174/U connector, Bose connector, GA Dual Connectors, Neutricon, XLR-5 connector

Cable length

125cm, 165cm, 200cm





Customer Reviews
4.5 Based on 13 Reviews
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Jeremy B.
Best Service Ever

I am very grateful for the service and products offered by Avee! I was in a bind and needed a replacement cord for my headset while out on a airline trip. Incredible service and impeccable help! Made it home from one trip - picked up the items and headed out on another trip. Thank you AVEE and especially Martine for your help.

Gursewak M.
Customer Service

I had an Issue with my cable for the QC25 , discussed the problem with the Avee folks and within hours my problem was solved. I can not say enough about the positive customer experience and the extent Martine will go to so your problem free.

Hitesh M.
Avee20 Aircraft Interface Cable XL5 pin

As usual super wonderful product.. No matter what I say it cannot grasp the full potential of the product in words.. All their products are simply amazing.. Material wise as well as practicality wise.. Works very very well.. There is no compromise on product materials being used.. I would recommend any of their products because I can vouch for it with my eyes closed.. Even if you would have the slightest of problems they will resolve it within hours..this I can guarantee (through my very own experience.. Twice) Thank you for making such professional grade aviation headset add ons and components. It is always and will always be a pleasure to do business with you sir/maam.

Juri I.
Avee20 Aircraft Interface Cable

Good quality. I ordered this cable instead of old broken . New cable is much better than previous..


Hello Juri, the cables caused us so many problems last year, but we finally solved the problem (Dec 2018). Now we are where we should be! The Avee Team

Richard B.
High Quality

The interface cable is very robust and high Quality. The airbus plug is very well made along with the GA plugs. Theses cables should last for many years . I highly recommend the AVEE system.


Thanks a lot Richard!

Avee20 interface cable

Good experience. It is working well.


Thanks a lot Jose! The Avee Team

William L.
A longuer cable

I had initially ordered the 125cm cable for my Avee kit. I thought it would be sufficient. Unfortunately, in my aircraft, headset plugs are behind my seat and this cable was too short. I informed Avee and they were kind enough to offer me another cable. I just had to pay for expedition fees. I am now plenty satisfied with this 165cm cable and I thank the customer support team for this.

Santiago S.
Great purchase

Good quality material and super fast delivery.

Samad K.
Excellent Service

Cable and service is excellent! Only suggestion is that the mic should be twisted slightly more towards the mouth, as it may not catch your transmission at full volume otherwise.


Hello Samad, Thanks for your review! Yes we are aware of this issue on some mics. We are doing two things to improve this: 1) Adding more verifications to control how the microphone element is mounted on the flexible rod. 2) We are changing to a 4mm more stiff flexible rod that is not as easily twisted as the one we are using now. This will take around 6 weeks from now. 3) We are changing to an even more noise cancelling mic. Tested this in our Diamond DA40D (me and D for diesel) and in A320 (customer) and in E190 (customer test). Simply a huge difference. This is not really improving the twist problem (which is solved by 1) & 2)), i just had to tell. The mic is already exchangeable, and the new one can be mounted by yourself in 2-20 seconds. Please check out thee web pages in some 4-6 weeks, and we will arrrange a mic-boom replacement for you.

iacopo t.
Bad connector

Unfortunately not good, Cable kept experiencing disturbances despite changing it once . Customer service is excellent, but the product has big room for improvement


Hei Iacopo! You should had contact us, if the problem still persist, it could be something else. Please send us a mail on support@avee.no Avee team

Charles M.
Perfect adapter cable, but treat carefully.

I had to order a replacement for my original cable adapter. I love the design and function of the whole system. Be careful though. I pulled my cable out of the aircraft socket by the wire and not the plug end once. That broke the cable. When I cut it to try to splice it back together I saw the the wires are hair thin. Treat it with care and you will love it.

César I.
Great option as an add on

The mic and cable works perfectly, the costumer experience is awesome, 100% recommended.

Olivier L.
Still some problems of connexion

I do not know if it is between the cable and the plug-in, or between the plug-in and the headset, but I have recurring partial losses of reception (with just one-side réception) and even some two sides losses when moving my head. Needs moving the plug-in / the cable end to get it back. Too bad that this kind of basic connexion problem comes to disturb an otherwise nice experience!

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