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The Avee aviation microphone kit – For Avee OWNERS only!


As a service to customers who have supported us by previously purchasing an Avee Microphone Kit, we offer you to upgrade your kit to the latest NG series of the Avee Aviation Microphone.

To be entitled to purchase the Avee NG Upgrade Kit, the following simple rules apply:

  • You must own a previous version of the Avee Microphone Kit and you must be able to prove this by either referring to your original purchase order or sending us the invoice for the original order.
  • The Avee Microphone Kit you are upgrading must be taken out of active use. It can either be shipped to us or made unserviceable by you. The easiest method is of course to use a hammer to make the kit unserviceable. Pictures must be sent to us at sales@avee.no to prove that the kit is no longer serviceable.
  • You can switch to a different headset type than the one you previously purchased. This means that if your orignal purchase was an Avee fitting the QC25, you can upgrade this Avee to the one fitting the Bose QC45 – or any other headset we support.
  • Please refer to the Avee Aviation Microphone kit for full info on this kit.
  • The Avee ‘Remove Before Flight’ keychain is included with the Avee Aviation Microphone kit upgrade.
  • Two Avee400 cables are included: 130cm and 180cm
    • You can even purchase extra cables and adapters from the Additional products menu.
  • One Aircraft adapter is included (GA, XLR-5, Lemo etc ),
  • Note: The Avee45 made for the QC45/SE even fits the QC35.
    If you use the Avee45 on the QC35, you will not have the possibility to adjust the headset volume from the Avee (or the QC35). Volume adjustments must be made from the aircraft.

Shipping notes:

This Avee kit can only be delivered after you have contacted us at sales@avee.no.





136,00 316,00 


The Avee Aviation microphone

The Avee solution combines the unprecedented comfort of a range of standard headsets with a state-of-the-art aviation microphone – giving a lightweight tailor-made aviation headset with superior audio communication.

How it works

The Avee microphone combines the aircraft electronic interface and a microphone boom into a compact clip-on unit that plugs directly into the base of your ANR headphones.
The add-on is securely fastened in place with a robust magnetic connection, preventing it from accidentally detaching from your headset.

Why use standard ANR headphones
There are many reasons for using standard headphones as aviation headphones:

  • We claim that the comfort and quality of the standard state-of-the-art headphones from Bose® QC35® I & II, Bose® QC45®, Sony® WH-1000XM3/XM4®) and Bose® 700 is superior compared to any aviation headset comfort and quality. These headsets are simply made with minimum clamp-force, maximum comfort, and maximum sound quality as the main focus and goal.
    We have made an Avee aviation microphone add-on that fits each of these selected headphones.
  • The ANR in the headphones we support have developed tremendously even during the last recent years. These non-aviation headphones are produced in huge quantities for a large ‘standard customer’ market. This means that improvements and customer cost benefits are available on a much larger scale than on low production volume aviation headsets.
  • Modern aircraft (both commercial jets and private smaller aircraft with piston engines) are far less noisy than 10-20 years ago.
    The bulky and heavy headset with a fairly high degree of passive noise reduction is simply no longer needed: the modern ANR has taken over.
    All in all, it makes selected standard headphones extremely well suited as aviation headphones. They are simply made for aviation use.
  • Most pilots get a ride in the back seat once in a while. Having your own personal state-of-the-art headset available while listening to music, makes the ride quiet and comfortable.

Aircraft interface cable

  • The Kevlar-reinforced Avee400 aircraft adapter cable goes directly from the headset Avee microphone to your aviation audio panel.
    Our system is fully automated with nothing to configure – no switches to set. The estimated battery life on the headphones we support is more than 20 hrs.
    If the battery in the headphones runs out of power, you will still hear ATC & intercom: only the ANR is lost.

What you get

  • Choose from a variety of Avee products to integrate perfectly with your ANR headphones. Our kits include a microphone specific to your headset and an aircraft adapter cable.

Mix & match adapter cables

The Avee system makes it easy for multi-aircraft users.
Two different lengths of our new Avee400 aircraft interface cables are included and variety of adapter are available;simply detach and replace it with an alternative in seconds.
No configuration is required.


All Avee products are designed according to FAA TSO and EASA ETSO-C139, however, we are not using a third-party test house to verify our products.
Please read more about TSO and ETSO certifications on the TSO and ETSO tab.

What is included
The Avee aviation microphone kit includes the following parts:

  • The new stiffer microphone boom (165mm length)
  • Two flexible & thin Avee400 Aircraft Interface Cables
    • 130cm
    • 180cm
  • Your choice of aircraft adapter (dual GA,XLR5, Lemo etc).
    • Note; the Dual GA adapter is always included in the kit. Adapters for XLR-5, Lemo must be purchased separately.
  • Two extra windshields
  • Two adhesive magnetic strips
  • One Avee keychain


Additional information

Weight 0,25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm
Headphone type

Bose® QC35, Bose® QC45/QC SE, Bose® 700, Sony® WH1000XM3/XM4

Avee Aircraft adapter

Dual GA connectors in aircraft, XLR-5 connector in aircraft, Neutricon connector in aircraft, Lemo Redel connector in aircraft, 174/U connector in aircraft





The Avee Case

Case included – but no engraving on it, Case included with engraving (use order notes or email us at sales@avee.no), No AveeCase included

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valerio s.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Highly Professional

Excellent service

Michael T.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Love It!

The tittle says it all! The new mic is sturdy and well built, no issues at all and so far it has performed flawlessly!

I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Fantastic enhancement and amazing service

This microphone kit has amazed me beyond expectations. I am giving this review after using the upgrade for 6 months although I have been using this kit since 4 years on A320. I also have used Proflight and nothing can beat the simplicity or NR effectiveness of this kit This product upgrade is designed with passion, the incremental upgrades show that a reasonable thought has gone into the issues and observations over the period of time. Audio gain is superb, Mic pick up is good, control over pick up is good and apparently SNR is high and finally as always, product pricing is fairly decent. The shape, design, weight, balance etc is excellent along with the quality of plastic and it’s durability. In my experience the reliability is tremendous and the red LED is a brilliant iteration. It certainly fares so much better than the stock Sennheiser HME 46 and other blocky ones like Honeywell VS110 and Factem headsets. I had the pleasure to meet and shake hands with Knut. And I always recollect the prompt and genteel replies by Martine. She always gave honest advise and solutions wrt customs, price and delivery. They are a tight snug business team. After this upgrade I feel that it’s more of a passion for them than mere business. I wish the their team more success in development and diversification. They deliver more than expected always.

I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Microphone kit

Generally very good. I ordered the long cable which may have been a mistake as it often gets caught under the armrest. A clip device to hang the cable up from the sunscreen rail (737) might be useful. When the other pilot transmits, the volume goes down but I wonder if this is a feature of the aircraft amplifier rather than the mike/headset combination: it’s not something I can test. Overall though I’m very pleased with the equipment.

Kei S.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Decent enough replacement for an aviation headset.

I own a Sony XM4 headset and Avee product does work. I used to own the first iteration of the Avee mic for the XM3 so was happy enough to upgrade to the newer model. There are a couple of improvements that need to be made to make it comparable to an aviation headset. A longer boom mic would be preferable as standard as I think the standard is just a tad too short especially when using the headset with just one (the left and the one with the mic) earpiece. Also aviation headset have a mic that can rotate “out of the way” which the Avee does not have and would be a welcome addition to the Avee. Having said that the Avee mic is good enough and much cheaper alternative to the high end aviation headphones.

Marios O.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Great product

I recently purchased a microphone kit and I couldn't be happier with my choice. That was my second kit from Avee, and is greatly improved over the first gen (thiner cable which doesn’t twist, easier volume and mic sensitivity adjustment) The quality of the product is excellent and , of course, I love the option of having two headsets (normal and aviation) for the price of one. The customer service was top-notch and made the buying process a breeze. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an aviation headset.

Blake M.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Good product

Overall great product. My first mic was not great, but Avee sent me a replacement very quickly and it works very well.

Gursewak M.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Both commercial and private

Avee QC45SE

I have used the mic now in a C172 , B757 and B767. I was a bit concerned about how it would perform in the Cessna but it’s well above and beyond any other headset mic I’ve used in general aviation. I would recommend the the Avee mic for any aircraft.

Tim H.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Avee + WH100XM4 = great pilot headset

Love this system! My Sony WH1000 headphones provide MUCH better noise cancellation than the (awful) Telex headsets my company puts in the aircraft. The battery after a 10-hour flying day still says it’s “about 80%”. And for those rare times I’m stuck deadheading, I’ve got a good quality pair of headphones for watching the IFE or just shutting out the airplane noise.

Frank B.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Aviation Microphone Kit

Excellent product - way better product support than UFlyMike!

Marcel K.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Great new product

Overall it is really good but unfortunately the main reason why I wanted the upgrade was to try it with the new blue link addition and this has not been communicated when I will receive this yet.

Michael N.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Good microphone.

My experience using this microphone has been really good. The sound quality is really good and it pairs really well withe headphones that I use. One issue though is that it seems I hear more from the left side of my headphones that with the right side.

Dimitri S.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Perfect upgrade

Just perfect, the upgrade made it :) Good job 👍

Tamas S.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Minor improvements

Overall it is a good product. I have some issues with the volume of my own vs the one trough the intercom. In order to hear myself talking i have to increase the intercom volume to a level where my copilot is very loud and also the mic pics up static noise. Would be nice to be able adjust this.



Hei Tamas! Thanks for your review and to answer your question you can adjust your mic level from the Avee so you can hear yourself better without increasing the intercom! Martine

Andrea M.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Mic Kit NG upgrade

Good: very nice the possibility to adjust mic and overall volume with knobs, compared with previous mic.

Louis A.
I recommend this product
  • Are you a commercial or private pilot ? Commercial

Very good microphone

Really happy with the clarity of the microphone. It holds very well on my Sony WH-1000XM3 headphone. Sound is great, possible adjustments are easy, very happy with it so far. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star is due to the fact that the mike assembly covers the headphone power button which was not the case with the previous kit. Basically, you have to turn on you headphone before connecting the mike. At least , the headphone turns off by itself when you disconnect the mike but it means that on a turn around, you have to disconnect the mike to save the battery a bit and you can't easily verify your headphone battery level while wearing it. You actually have to disconnect the mike, turn the headphone back ON, then check the battery level then reconnect the mike. It is not the end of the world but it is kind of annoying. I haven't seen if the power button is at the same place on the WH-1000XM4 so if it creates the same problem. Anyway, as I said, great kit and working well on the Airbus A220

gerhard e.

Professional use

Use my Avee on the 757-300 (very loud cockpit) and the 767 - 300. In both cases in combination with the Bose 35. Way better than the provided DC headsets on board! And the new version of the Avee is even better ( fixed problem with the mic boom, mic volume adjustable)

Michel T.


Nouvelle version plus ergonomique. Perche micro, 4 aimants, plus facile à régler . Toujours aussi performant même dans un avion bruyant

Jonathan O.

Avee latest

Good upgrade and working really well. Used in Global aircraft with Sony

Mr P.

Bose QC35 NG upgrade

Excellent so far. A big improvement over the initial unit.

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