The Avee aviation microphone kit


The Avee aviation microphone kit turns your standard ANR headphone into a premium aviation headset.
The Avee microphone plugs into the base of your ANR headset and is kept securely in place with a robust magnetic connection.

All Avee microphones are designed to fit specific premium noise cancelling headsets – giving an integrated design, and our new microphone boom is delivered with all our microphones.

The Avee case is now included with the Avee Aviation Microphone kit.
Feel free to add your personal touch to it by getting your name and phone number lasered on the front of it.

Note: The Avee45 for the Bose QC45 is in production and will start shipping in mid-February 2022. Available on BACKORDER only.


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  • The Avee solution combines the unprecedented comfort of a range of standard headsets with a state of the art aviation microphone – giving a light-weight tailor made aviation headset with superior audio communication.
  • The Avee microphone combines the aircraft electronic interface and a microphone boom into a compact clip-on unit that plugs directly into the base of your ANR headphones. The add-on is securely fastened in place with a robust magnetic connection, preventing it from accidentally detaching from your headset.

There are many reasons for using standard headphones as aviation headphones:

  • We claim that the the comfort and quality on the standard state-of-the-art headphones from Bose® QC35® I & II, Bose® QC45®, Sony® WH-1000XM3/XM4®) and Bose® 700 is superior compared to any aviation headset comfort and quality. These headsets are simply made with minimum clamp-force, maximum comfort and maximum sound quality as main focus and goal. We have made an Avee aircraft microphone add on that fits each of these selected headphones.
  • The ANR in the headphones we support have developed tremendously even during the last recent years. These non-aviation headphones are produced in huge quantities for a large ‘standard customer’ market. This means that improvements and customer cost benefits are available in a much larger scale than on low production volume aviation headsets.
  • Modern aircrafts (both commercial jets and private smaller aircrafts with piston engines) are far less noisy than 10-20 years ago. The bulky and heavy headset with a fairly high degree of passive noise reduction is simply no longer needed: the modern ANR has taken over. All in all it makes selected standard headphones extremely well suited as aviation headphones.They are simply made for aviation use.
  • Most pilots get a ride in the back seat once in a while. Having your own personal state-of-the-art headset available while listening to music, makes the ride shorter.
  • The Kevlar reinforced aircraft adapter cable with your choice of length and connectors – goes directly from the headset Avee microphone to your aviation audio panel. Our system is fully automated with nothing to configure – no switches to set. Estimated battery life on the headphones is 30 hrs. If the battery in the headphones run out of power, you will still hear ATC & intercom: only the ANR is lost.
  • Choose from a variety of Avee products to integrate perfectly with your ANR headphones. Our kits include a microphone specific to your headset and an aircraft adapter cable.
  • The Avee system makes it easy for multi-aircraft users. Choose from a variety of adapter cables and simply detach and replace it with an alternative in seconds. No configuration required.
  • All Avee products are designed according to FAA TSO and EASA ETSO-C139, however we are not using a third party test house to verify our products. Please read more about TSO and ETSO certifications on the TSO and ETSO tab.
  • Your choice of the Avee Microphone
  • Your choice of microphone boom length (two lenghts available)
  • Your choice of an Avee20 Aircraft Interface Cable (three cable lengths available) Note: this cable is always included in the kit.
  • Your choice of aircraft connector
  • Two extra windhields
  • Two adhesive magnetic strips
  • One Avee headset case

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm
Headphone type

Bose® QC35, Bose® QC45, Bose® 700, Sony® WH1000XM3, Sony® WH1000XM4

Microphone boom length

145mm (std length), 165mm (extra length)

Avee20 cable length

125 cm, 165cm, 200cm

Aircraft connector

Dual GA, XLR-5, Neutricon, Lemo Redel, 174/U





The Avee Case

Standard AveeCase without personal details, AveeCase lasered with your full name, AveeCase lasered with your full name & phone, AveeCase lasered with your full name & phone & email, AveeCase lasered with custom data, No AveeCase needed

Avee for the Bose® 700


The Avee microphone for the Bose® 700 is our forth generation of the Avee microphone kit. Customer feed back – as well as our own experience with our add-ons for the QC35®,QC45® and XM3/XM4 has been analysed and channelized into the development of the microphone for the Bose® 700. In brief the following improvements have been implemented in the Avee700 microphone for the Bose® 700:

  • Even better connection to the headset Four magnets for a firm & secure connection between the Avee and the Bose® 700. Safely attach and detach the add-on from the headset. On the Bose® 700 we have developed a new discrete magnetic stripe with four neodymium magnets.
  • Microphone output level We have added the possibility for a ‘wider envelope’ in the microphone output level from the Avee.
  • Angle for cable connection to Avee microphone adjusted The angle for the connector going into the Avee is changed. This means that the strength relief on the avee cable is pointing 15 degrees more forward than on previous Avee versions. The reason for changing the connection angle, is that we have had issues & comments where customers feel the cable strength relief is ‘poking into’ their shoulder.
  • Headset level adjustment Improved headphone volume regulation to the headset speakers is now available. Please note that this feature is mostly used by pilots (or more commonly the ones in the back seat with no individual headset level adjustments from the aircraft avionics.
  • Avee settings
    The microphone output level an mono/stereo settings can be done from the underside of the Avee.
  • The Avee height
    The height of the Avee700 has been reduced by a good 50% compared to the add-on for the QC35®.
  • The new microphone boom
    Last but not least, the Avee700 comes with the new Avee microphone boom.
Bose 700 issues

The Bose 700 is an extremely good headset for aviation use, but it has its ‘issues’. For some unknown reason, Bose decided to make the on/off keys (and all the other keys) as keys that can easily be invoked by accident– for example when you adjust the headset position on your head. Our experience is that it takes some time to get used to the position of these keys – and learn how not to touch them by accident. But when you do get used to it –  it really works well.

New non-needed features

Numerous new features have been built into the Bose ®700. Many of these features are not really needed when using the 700 as an aviation headset, but the possibility to adjust the headset volume from the headset itself (even when connected to the Avee or external wired source) is practical and useful

Occasional high volume

This is simply caused by the fact that the Bose 700 has been switched off: It then reverts to maximum volume ! The volume on the Bose 700 is adjusted by swiping your finger up/down on the right headphone when the Bose 700 is turned on. Swiping your finger up/down on the right headphone when Bose 700 power is turned off, does not give any result.

Way to fix:
    1. Avoid getting close to the buttons on the Bose 700 when adjusting its position ! Do not accidently turn the Bose 700 off !
    2. Set the Bose 700 volume to maximum to avoid getting extra high volume in case you accidently turn the Bose 700 off.
Complete silence – for 10 seconds

The Bose 700 have a fairly ugly issue when it is switched on: it goes completely silent for approximately 10 seconds. This is the start-up / boot period for the headset, but making it go dead for this long period is a bit over the edge. Hopefully Bose will issue an software update – fixing this issue.

Way to fix:
    1. Same as in ‘the high volume issue’  above: Avoid getting close to the buttons on the Bose 700 when adjusting its position ! Do not accidently turn the Bose 700 off and then on again!
Echo on the Bose 700

We do have some report on the “echo” from the Bose700 and this is an annoying feature for some pilots. 
Until now we only have some 10-15 reports on this issue (many thousand units sold), but we believe the problem is much more common than this.

We have studied the problem, and we find that the Bose700 is creating the “echo” when the noise cancelling is ON.
When the ANR is OFF the  “echo” is gone.  We do of course need the ANR to be ON, that is the purpose of our set up.

The root cause

We believe the root cause for the echo sound is as follows:

* A conflict between the pilot voice picked up by the Bose 700 microphones, and
* the pilot voice generated by the Avee microphone through the intercom and back into the headset speakers, and last
* the ANR system trying to eliminate the pilot voice picked up by the Bose 700 microphone.

How to do the best out of it

Unfortunately we have not found a good way to eliminate the echo completely. 
We have however found that the following setting makes the echo more tolerable:
* Set the mic level at 2 on the Avee,
* Turn on the volume on the Bose 700 headset to maximum and then last but not least;
* Adjust the boom so close to your lips as possible.

What about the other headsets
This is an interesting question (asked  by ourself). 
The Bose 700 is the only headset that has complaints on the echo.
The Bose QC25, QC35, and the Sony XM3 and XM4 does not have a single complaint about the same feature.


Will be announced Februar 2022!


  • If you’re interested in connecting your mobile device via Bluetooth during flight – the BlueLink makes that possible. Music is automatically being muted when ATC and intercom calls are detected and all basic headphone capabilities are kept even when the BluLink is empty of battery. The Bluetooth controller has an internal battery which lasts up to 40 hours. If battery power is lost only the Bluetooth connectivity is lost.
  • The Avee BlueLink may be connected to any Bluetooth enabled phone or pad which supports Bluetooth A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and Bluetooth AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile). These technologies are available on iPhone, iPad and most Android devices with Bluetooth capabilities.

The magnetic stripe

  • The magnetic strip is adhered to the headset by following the simple installation procedure which can be found in the Magnet strip installation video under. Please note that two adhesive magnetic strips (one spare) are included when purchasing the Avee microphone kit.
  • Please be careful to choose the correct magnetic strip for your Avee microphone as these are designed for one specific Avee microphone.

Avee for the Sony® XM3 and XM4

  • The Avee340 microphone kit for the Sony® WH1000XM4 fits the old Sony®WH1000XM3 as well. Physically the XM3 and XM4 are similar however the Avee340 microphone made for the XM3 does not have the best fits for the XM4 . Please note that the Avee340 will not in any way fit the older Sony®WH1000XM2.
  • The main differences between the  XM4 and the  XM3 is that the noise cancelling feature is somewhat better on the  XM4. It is however important to know that the noise cancellation on the XM3 is extremely good.

In flight test: Avee for QC35 (French) - Vincent Bazillio

TSO and ETSO certifications

What is an TSO/ETSO approval

The TSO (US Technical Standard Order) and its European equivalent ETSO (European Technical Standard Order) authorization, represents one way (and not the only way) to have parts and appliances approved. This is an optional step in a design process which ensures that a part or appliance complies with a minimum performance standard.

Is the Avee Aviation Microphone TSO/ETSO approved ?

The complete headset solution with the Avee Aviation Microphone is not TSO or ETSO approved.
The reason for this is simple: as a manufacturer of the microphone part of the solution only, we do not have full control of the production line of the headsets we are adapting to (Bose & Sony) and hence: we can not obtain a TSO/ETSO approval.

The Avee microphone add-on itself is designed in compliance with TSO standards , while the Bose & Sony headsets most likely are designed according to different standards than the TSO.

This fact does however not mean that the quality of headset from Bose & Sony is higher – or lower – than headsets manufactured according to the TSO standards.

Their design standard is simply not TSO.

It is a fact that the quantity of high quality headset products coming out from Bose & Sony are far superior to the quantity of aviation headsets being produced.
Making low quality products would not be a good business model for sure, and the quality of Bose & Sony headsets is simply excellent

Our competitors TSO approval

We do know that some of our competitors state their products are TSO compliant – or even have a TSO approval.

This might be correct for part of the product , but will unfortunately not apply for the complete headset solution with a Bose or Sony (non TSO) headset.

The complete system as ONE UNIT has to be approved  – from cable to ear cushions. This is not possible for mixed systems like the Avee system.

Who require the TSO approval
It is important to know that the request for a TSO approved headset is an airline request, and not a FAA request.
Headsets used by the pilots in aircrafts do not need a TSO or ETSO approval.

We estimate we sell around 90% of our products to commercial pilots, but we do see that the TSO requirement from airlines in the US is far more common than in airlines in the rest of the world.

Read more here

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Jeff C.

Super ! Une merveille

Tenu du micro, réduction du bruit du micro allié au casque bose 700 = une merveille ! Superbe je vous le conseil

Mrinal S.

Great to use and a good product

I've had these for about two weeks. So far they're great to use. I fly the 320 and the included XLR cable/whole unit works fine. The magnetic strip they came attached with wasn't positioned well and kept my avee loose. But after removing it and plugging it in directly its been working well and it isn't loose if you just plug it in directly (Qc35). They include an an extra magnetic strip if I feel like trying that option again. You also get extra windsocks and theres no breathing sounds over the intercom during normal usage. The shipping option including VAT was very useful, and I didn't have to pay a dime at customs (India). The included case is a nice touch. Headphones + cables fit inside a little snug but nice enough. Dwlivery was quick too. Got it over Christmas time within a week. Haven't had to use their customer service yet but I'm if the quality of their customer care is as good as the product there should be no problem.

Laurent L.

Avee with bose 700

The good part is noise cancellation and I can hear my collegue and ATC very clearly. Unfortunatly I ve some echo of myself and it s annoying and sometime kind of whistle and have to move the plug till it stops… about the echo it seems to be a known pb with the Bose 700… about the whistle it comes from the cable more exactly the plug. Have to check it more precisely.

Matéo R.

Problem with funkee radio

I can't use my microphone kit in my plane because I hear a noise in the headset.

Morten L.

Excellent service and product

A very good mic for my Bose QC35. I'm a commercial pilot on Dash 8, 100-200-300. Sound quality is perfect. Some small adjustments on the mic gain is needed depending on the aircraft I fly, but it is easily done. The included case is nice for storage, but a small improvement would be a design that lets you store the headset with the mic attached. This would allow for quicker handling and less wear on the mic attachment. This is particular for professional pilots that fly multiple different aircraft during one working day.

Franck N.

Using the mic on the B747

I use it with Bose QC 35 on the B747. It works perfectly ! Very good quality !

Bartłomiej S.

Avee Microphone set

This is very good product but I only would like to have a bit stronger(thicker) boom similar to this at Bose A20.

Kevin T.

Incredible mic!

The latest version of the Avee mic stays in place without issue with its four magnets. The sound quality of the mic is exceptional and I love the easy adjustability of both headset and mic volumes. This is an outstanding product, I sincerely recommend it for any aviation professional!

Jon P.

New mic for my Sony

Exelent product. Works perfect in my experimental aircraft with good sound and no noisy background sound. The boom feels a bit thin and fragile, but seem to stay put where it should be and its a matter of getting used to I think. ATC has no complaints on my transmissions. Now Im just waiting for the blue tooth solution.

William S.

Avee Aviation Mic for XM3

I've been using the Avee microphone configured for the Sony XM3 for four months now. I use it exclusively for work on the 757/767 airframes. It has worked flawlessly. Everything about the mic kit is solid and well built. Communication is clear, connections (headset, USB C to mic system, and aircraft plugs) are all firm and appear to be quality built that should last for many years. The magnet strip for mic-to-headphone connection is a really nice addition that provides an added overall feel of sturdiness and quality.

Ulf S.

Value for money

Using microphone with Sony 3M headset and working perfectly

Gunnar H.

Top Product

I really like your product! It is so easy and light weight and work just perfect for piston and turboprop aircraft! I am a big fan! Great work!

Bruno z.

Well done

Perfect, this new arm for the mic is very good.

Alexander M.

Great product except for 1 tiny problem

Used it with a sony wh-1000xm3, very lightweight and comfortable to use. Sadly, the mic is too sensitive even at the lowest sensitivity settings so when I push my rotax to the maximum the mic picks noise non-stop and while to me the noise level is low for the co-pilot it's way worse, he has trouble to understand what I or someone over the radio is saying. It's not a defect that I consider an impediment to use the product because the cases when I get to push the motor to the maximum are rare but still I feel like there should be a way to reduce the sensitivity more than the current minimum level and I also don't understand why one would want to increase it beyond the default level 2

Bernt F.

Bose QC35 mic kit

Very happy with the product, easy to setup and install/uninstall in the aircraft. It will for sure prolonge my hearing ability for many years compared to the standard sennheiser headsets that are installed in all NAS 737-8 aircraft.

Nicolas V.


Better reliability with the new mic boom, thanks Avee for the good service 😉

Erwann M.

Great product

I just received my Avee and it works great! Can't wait to fly long hours with it!

Jeff D.

Microphone for Sony XM4

After about a year the original microphone started falling down because the adhesive on the magnetic strip was failing. I contacted the company about this and they' immediately sent me their new design which does not have this problem at all. The new design does cover the power button which is a minor inconvenience but they did this to ensure greater adhesive strength,. This is only a minor inconvenience because you simply remove the microphone to turn your noise cancelling on or off. The company is very accommodating and will help you solve any issue you have. I would recommend this product to anyone who has the Sony XM4. If they come up with a new design that allows you to access this power button while still plugged in, I'm sure they will offer to replace any existing product that you have because of their great customer service.

Johan d.

sound quality

It’s working ok, just a bit unsatisfied with the quality of the sound when you speak yourself. It sounds a bit hollow.

Charles M.

My third purchase. Turns my Sony ANC headset into the perfect cockpit headset.

This latest generation has improved on a near perfect item. One of the best aspects of this microphone addition is that you have full control over microphone gain, overall volume and impedance. In previous models the adjustments were made via electronic button sequences. A fine system, but you had to keep the instructions handy bacause you don't make these adjustments often. In this version there are small analog dials to make the same adjustments and they are perfectly intuitive in use and equally effective. The latest generation has a more sturdy design and fits my headset even better and more securely. These microphones are small and weigh practically nothing. Choose the cord you need and they are at home in practically any cockpit. They are perfect for the cockpit application because the microphone and headset still work even when the headset battery is depleted. An overall near perfect accessory that turns your existing headset into your cockpit tool. When the bluetooth module addition is finally available, then this will truly be the perfect aviation microphone.

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