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The Avee microphone kit
The Avee aviation microphone kit turns your standard ANR headphone into a premium aviation headset.
The Avee microphone securely plugs into the base of your ANR headset fastened with a robust magnetic connection.
The Avee microphone kits are designed to fit specific premium noise cancelling headsets giving an integrated design.

  • Bose® 700
  • Bose® QC25
  • Bose® QC35
  • Sony® WH1000XM3/XM4
  • 145mm (std length)
  • 165mm (extra length)
  • 125 cm
  • 165cm
  • 200cm
  • Dual GA
  • XLR-5
  • Neutricon
  • Lemo Redel
  • 174/U


The Avee Microphone kit
The Avee solution combines the unprecedented comfort of a range of standard headsets with a state of the art aviation microphone – giving a light-weight tailor made aviation headset with superior audio communication.

How it works
The Avee microphone combines the aircraft electronic interface and a microphone boom into a compact clip-on unit that plugs directly into the base of your ANR headphones. The add-on is securely fastened in place with a robust magnetic connection, preventing it from accidentally detaching from your headset.

Why using standard headphones
There are many reasons for using standard headphones as aviation headphones:

  • We claim that the the comfort and quality on the standard state-of-the-art headphones from Bose® QC25®,Bose® QC35® , Sony® WH-1000XM3®) and Bose® 700 is superior compared to any aviation headset comfort and quality.
    These headsets are simply made with minimum clamp-force, maximum comfort and maximum sound quality as main focus and goal.
    We have made an Avee aircraft microphone add on that fits each of these selected headphones.
  • The ANR in the headphones we support have developed tremendously even during the last recent years. These non-aviation headphones are produced in huge quantities for a large ‘standard customer’ market.
    This means that improvements and customer cost benefits are available in a much larger scale than on low production volume aviation headsets.
  • Modern aircrafts (both commercial jets and private smaller aircrafts with piston engines) are far less noisy than 10-20 years ago.
    The bulky and heavy headset with a fairly high degree of passive noise reduction is simply no longer needed: the modern ANR has taken over.
    All in all it makes selected standard headphones extremely well suited as aviation headphones.They are simply made for aviation use.
  • Most pilots get a ride in the back seat once in a while.
    Having your own personal state-of-the-art headset available while listening to music, makes the ride shorter.


Aircraft interface cable
The Kevlar reinforced aircraft adapter cable with your choice of length and connectors – goes directly from the headset Avee microphone to your aviation audio panel.
Our system is fully automated with nothing to configure – no switches to set.
Estimated battery life on the headphones is 30 hrs. If the battery in the headphones run out of power, you will still hear ATC & intercom: only the ANR is lost.

What you get
Choose from a variety of Avee products to integrate perfectly with your ANR headphones. Our kits include a microphone add-on specific to your headset and an aircraft adapter cable.

Bluetooth Connectivity
If you’re interested in connecting your mobile device via Bluetooth during flight – the BlueLink makes that possible.
Music is automatically being muted when ATC and intercom calls are detected and all basic headphone capabilities are kept even when the BluLink is empty of battery.
The Bluetooth controller has an internal battery which lasts up to 40 hours. If battery power is lost only the Bluetooth connectivity is lost.

Mix & Match Adapter Cables
The Avee system makes it easy for multi-aircraft users. Choose from a variety of adapter cables and simply detach and replace it with an alternative in seconds. No configuration required.

All Avee products are designed according to FAA TSO and EASA ETSO-C139.

This Avee microphone kit includes the following:

  • Your choice of the Avee Microphone add-on
  • Your choice of microphone boom length (two lenghts available)
  • Your choice of an Avee20 Aircraft Interface Cable (three cable lengths available)
    Note: this cable is always included in the kit.
  • Your choice of aircraft connector
  • Two extra windhields
  • Two adhesive magnetic strips

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm
Headphone type

Bose® 700, Bose® QC25, Bose® QC35, Sony® WH1000XM3/XM4

Microphone boom length

145mm (std length), 165mm (extra length)

Avee20 cable length

125 cm, 165cm, 200cm

Aircraft connector

Dual GA, XLR-5, Neutricon, Lemo Redel, 174/U





Avee for the Bose® 700

The Avee microphone add-on for the Bose® 700
The Avee microphone add-on for the Bose® 700 is our forth generation of the Avee microphone add-ons.
Customer feed back – as well as our own experience with our add-ons for the QC25®,QC35® and XM3 has been analysed and channelized into the development of the add-on for the Bose® 700.

In brief the following improvements have been implemented in the Avee700 microphone add-on for the Bose® 700:

  • Even better connection to the headset
    Four magnets for a firm & secure connection between the Avee add-on and the Bose® 700.
    Safely attach and detach the add-on from the headset.
    On the Bose® 700 we have developed a new discrete magnetic stripe with four neodymium magnets.
  • New microphone element
    An ultra noise cancelling microphone element is taking over for our previous noise cancelling microphone element.
    This element results in even less cockpit noise being picked up by the Avee microphone.
  • Microphone output level
    We have added the possibility for a ‘wider envelope’ in the microphone output level from the Avee add-on.
    We have experienced issues for customers with a ‘low voice’ with the new ultra noise cancelling mic, and the extended output level adjustment possibility solves this problem.
  • Angle for cable connection to add-on adjusted
    The angle for the connector going into the Avee add-on is changed. This means that the strength relief on the avee cable is pointing 15 degrees more forward than on previous Avee versions.
    The reason for changing the connection angle, is that we have had issues & comments where customers feel the cable strength relief is ‘poking into’ their shoulder.
  • Headset level adjustment
    Improved headphone volume regulation to the headset speakers is now available.
    Please note that this feature is mostly used by pilots (or more commonly the ones in the back seat with no individual headset level adjustments from the aircraft avionics.
  • Avee settings
    The Avee microphone add-on for the Bose® 700 is controlled by a micro controller like all our Avee add-ons.
    A number of parameters can be adjusted in the Avee700 add-on. These settings can either be performed directly from the Avee700 via push buttons now found on the underside of the Avee,- or via the BlueLink which of course the Avee700 is compatible with.
  • The add-on heigth
    The height of the Avee700 has been reduced with a good 50% compared to the add-on for the QC35®.
  • The new microphone boom
    Last but not least, the Avee700 will be available with the new Avee microphone boom as well as the microphone ‘legacy’ boom we are currently using.
    Our new microphone boom is more sturdy than the current boom:

The Bose® 700
Based on numerous in-flight tests with the Bose® 700, we strongly believe this product will challenge the QC25®, the QC35® and even the Sony® WH1000XM3 (XM3).
The noise reduction (ANR )on the 700 has improved substantially compared to its predecessors, and our impression is that the ANR is even better than on the Sony XM3. As on all Bose® headsets, the comfort is simply excellent.

Numerous new features have been built into the Bose ®700. Many of these features are not really needed when using the 700 as an aviation headset, but the possibility to adjust the headset volume from the headset itself (even when connected to the Avee or external wired source) is practical and useful.

Devices the Avee BlueLink works together with
The Avee BlueLink may be connected to any Bluetooth enabled phone or pad which supports Bluetooth A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and Bluetooth AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile).
These technologies are available on iPhone, iPad and most Android devices with Bluetooth capabilities.

The magnetic strip

The magnetic strip
The magnetic strip is adhered to the headset by following the simple installation procedure which can be found in the Magnet strip installation video under.
Please note that two adhesive magnetic strips (one spare) are included when purchasing the Avee microphone kit.

Please be careful to choose the correct magnetic strip for your Avee microphone as these are designed for one specific Avee microphone.

Avee for the Sony® XM3 and XM4

Avee for the Sony® XM3 and XM4
The Avee340 microphone kit for the Sony® WH1000XM3 (XM3) fits the new Sony®WH1000XM4 (XM4 for short) as well.
Physically the XM3 and XM4 are similar and the Avee340 microphone made for the XM3 fits the XM4 perfectly.
Please note that the Avee340 will not in any way fit the older Sony®WH1000XM2.

The main differences between the  XM4 and the  XM3 is that the noise cancelling feature is somewhat better on the  XM4.
It is however important to know that the noise cancellation on the XM3 is extremely good.

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Michael Z.
Very good

I've just tried them out for the first time during a flight and they worked perfectly. ATC and passengers within the flight heard me perfectly. My only concern is that since the mic attaches itself to the headset through a 3mm jack input and a layer of 3m tape, I am reluctant to stay removing the mic each time, so I am opting to just leave the mic attached to the headset permanently .... As to avoid any risk of wear and tear on the jack port.

Customer service

Excellent customer service observed by the AVEE team throughout my purchase experience.

Quentin C.
Great product

Good solid quality feel. Easy set up and connectivity. Good quality packaging. Excellent cabling. The bluetooth device menus are quick and responsive, as is the cross-fade when radio calls come in. Definitely recommend.

Javier B.
Almost perfect!

Great product, just a suggestion, try to improve the microphone bar connection with the base, probably with a lock, and also get a higher output mic volume. I’m using it onboard an A320.


Hello Javier, thanks for the suggestions! The new microphone with the sturdy base is in production and we get it here next week. Higher volume for sure - so this takes care of both these issues. The new mic will be sent to you - no charge. Please send us an email if you want to change the length of the boom.

Laura L.
Microphone add on kit

So far the add on is working beautifully. I’m very happy with it.

Stein E.
Avee experience

The interconm system in our aircraft is very simple- the Icom A200 radios internal intercom does the job. Works great with two similar headsets, old fashioned David Clark 76. Mixing different headsets usually will not work, neither the Avee nor other modern brand (including Bose) due to the lack of adjustment. The solution is an external intercom. It takes some time to make adjustments, but with patience it will work exellent. With different users and indiviual headsets of different brands, this is however a bit frustrating. It's not plug and play! My conclusion is: the Avee conversion kit gets 10 of 10. The carrying case 10/10. But- the need to unplug everything every time makes me wonder how this will affect plugs and relybility. Time will show. Entire system: in a personal aircraft, with two similar Avee systems and a good intercom: 10 of 10. If used against different intercoms/headsets, they get 8/10. My trusty DC is rugged, plug and play. The Avee must be adjusted, they look more fragile. But after setup they work great, mike is super, got 5/5 om radiotest from ATC, with lot of cockpit noise.

Gursewak M.
Avee Mic + Bose NC700

I been using the QC25 set up for A number of years and very happy with it but also wanted to upgrade so I upgraded to the new AVEE KIT for the NC700. I been flying around for the past few days and I can’t believe how well it works . The volume levels are kept very low on the radio and yet the receiving and transmitting is clear and crisp. I like the new sleeker design of the mic and making a stronger magnetic strip is a brilliant idea. Over all the product is excellent and works exceptionally well. Hats off to the entire AVEE team for this leap forward.

Nicolas L.
Great Developed Deviced

Hello this device works great and is very easy to use with lots of options. It is a great ad-on to the avee mic. Had a little problem with the cable and I am working it out with support at the moment with prompt responses.

Vincent V.
Too expensive for what it is

good but such a price is not justified

Olivier B.
Bose 700 Avee add-on

Excellent product. This add-on fits perfectly the ANR Bose 700, as soon as the adhesive magnet stripe is taped on the right side of the headset. In the cockpit, just plug the cable connector to your radio and you can clearly communicate with the ATC. Some minor adjustment may be neccessary. The micro is excellent. And the sound... great as well, thanks to bose ANR. Definitly a good choice if you don't want to spend too much on an aviation helmet. And after your flight you can still enjoy your Bose to listen music at home. One thing very important. The customer service is excellent and ready to help you if you need help. Pour les Français, n'ayez crainte, ce site Norvégien maîtrise la langue de Molière. Merci pour ce produit très pratique.

Jean-François R.
Simple, léger mais de qualité.

Le kit Avee est une solution sérieuse aux casques d'aviation. Sérieux comme cette entreprise, proche et disponible. Je recommande. Ils parlent français ! The Avee kit is a serious solution to aviation headsets (so light with QC35). Serious like this company is, near and available. I recommend.

Nicolas L.
Great mic system

Great mic System

Nicolas L.
Nice and well made

Nice and well made

Nicolas L.
Great Product

Finally got rid of my Bose Proflight and its bulky bag. This system is great and light. Now I want the bluetooth ad on.

Tomas B.
Fantastic product!

I absolutely love the quality and detail in this product, Avee has done an awesome job on design and development of this unit. I'm using the Bose QC 35 unit and it far surpasses my other headsets both in ANR and comms. Being a norwegian I am also very proud that this has been designed and developed in Norway! I give it my warmest recommendations and five stars all the way.


Don't forget to switch on your headphone... It works much better ! LOL The AVEE ADD-ON is well working. The job is done. I recommand the product.

Jean-Marc B.
Fine product

The overall product is fine. However, for me there a major weakness. The microphone is not enough sensitive and too much depedant on the orientation and distance to the mouth. It reqires to speak very loudy to trigger. My previous headphone was a Sennheiser that has evidently not this kind of default


Hello Jean-Marc ! Get your point here. The mics we are using on the Avees are ultra noise cancelling - meaning they are picking up very little noise from the cockpit.The ultra sensitive requires the mic to be some 4-10mm from the mouth. See from the shop that you have the Avee for the QC35. After you purchased your Avee in June, we have updated the hardware in the Avee to have much more gain available, and this will solve your issue. Send us a mail at support@avee.no and mention this message and we will solve this for you in a blink.

Jouke W.
Best ad-on for my Bose headset

Should have bought this a few years ago, Works perfect!


Hehe - we really like to hear that! Thank you Jouke !

Christophe D.
Avee kits on QC35II and Sony 1000XM3

I'm very happy with avee kits on these both headsets. Perfect sound, light weight and good positionning of the mike. Very happy with my purchase!

Evan B.
Exceptional product

I have been using it for 2 weeks and I am very happy to have it. Easy to use, it is simply ideal for any pilot who does not want to put $ 1200 in noise canceling headphones. It fits perfectly into the shape of the Bose QC35 II, but its big strength is its weight, it weighs almost nothing when installed and plugged in, but the plastic looks really solid and of high quality. The quality of the microphone is very good, and the settings are very simple to perform. Finally I recommend that you trust Avee for their ANR Kit, and I also bought the Avee pouch which is very practical!

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