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Like every winter our plane is moved from Norway to Spain, and we are doing this first part of this week. We will be back to normal Friday december the first!

As many of you know, we have had challenging problems with the cable used to connect the avee to the aircraft. Some of you have seen this problem in all its evil, while the majority of the customers have not had any problems at all.

We have spent endless hours trying to figure out what casing so many issues with the aircraft interface cable,-  and this has simply taken most of our resources.
We finally found that the real problem with the cable is caused by a poorly designed USB 3.1C connector on the aircraft adapter cable (the cable with the dual GA connectors (normally) on one side and the USB 3.1C connector in the other end).
Because of this we spent most of May and June finding a new USB 3.1C connector (from Amphenol), and we did a complete redesign of the cables when we were at it.
These new cables are now being shipped from the manufacturer in the end of this week (July 4.). Until then we ship the old cable, but the new cable is also forwarded to our customers having issues.

Aircraft interface cable version – angled version: The avee20 Aircraft Interface Cable (80 degrees angle)
The new cable has a good strength relief on the headset side. We still have a 80 degree angle here, but the shorter relief will not touch your shoulder (we got some complaints on that with the ‘version 2’ cable).
On the aircraft side, the dual GA connectors have a very good strength relief. The connection between the microphone connector (the thin one) and the speaker connector (the thick one) – is kept in the microphone connector. We get lots of good comments on this solution.
Cable lengths are now 125cm,165cm and 200cm (new).
Shipment to customers for this cable: around July 10. Can be ordered now.

Aircraft interface cable version – straight version: The avee22 Aircraft Interface Cable (straight version)
We are also coming with a second new cable. This cable is similar to the cable above, but it has a straight connector for the headset (not the 80 degree angle).
The main purpose of this cable, is to connect the Avee Bluetooth Controller to the aircraft – but; it can also be plugged directly into the avee add-on as some of you prefer a straight connector here.

Cable lengths are 125cm,165cm and 200cm (new).
Shipment to customers this cable: end of July. Can be ordered from end of August.

Bluetooth controller cable: The avee25 Bluetooth Interface Cable
We are now scaling up for production and shipment of the avee Bluetooth Controller.
The third new cable is therefore the cable between the add-on and the Bluetooth controller. The Bluetooth controller which is tiny, is normally clipped on to the seatbelt or shirt, and needs a short cable to connect to the add-on. The Bluetooth controller will aslo be possible to clip on to the ‘dashboard’ using a magnet tape.
This cable has a USB Male in one end (to connect to the avee add-on, and a USB female in the other end (to connect to the Bluetooth Controller).

Cable lengths are 70cm and 165cm.
Shipment to customers this cable: medio September. Can be ordered from end of August.

Of course all new cables are using the new USB 3.1C connector.
Pictures and drawings will come shortly !


New cables

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