It is not an understatement to say that we get a lot (..) of emails regarding the Bluetooth controller. Many of you have pre-orderered this product and is somewhat frustrated on the rather long delays we have had here. So: why the long delays and what is happening ?
To be short: read the previous post and you get the reason for the delays.

What does it look like – and what functions does it have
The Bluetooth controller is tiny: 33x70x10mm. It is clipped to your seat-belt, neck-tie or short, – or it is fastened to your ‘dashboard’ using a magnet solution.
It has an OLED display – showing status of your connections; what music you play – and the name of the person calling in.
It shows the volume level on your connections, and has a ‘Silent Cockpit’ function to mute even the most persistent telephone seller.
The avee add-on continues to work even when the battery on the Bluetooth controller is flat.
Battery life is what we are working on currently: 20 hours music play time is what we are aiming for.

So when is it coming ?
We are now spending all our resources on the Bluetooth controller. We have added one more person on the project, so we finally start to see good progress.

Test versions have been out to a very limited amount of customers for some months, and these customers and units are being improved and exchanged continuously.  As soon as our test customers and we are happy, we will start shipping units to you.

Remember that this is a very complicated product! Apart from hardware i the project, there is quite a lot of software that has to be implemented. And we want it to work flawlessly.
Plastic casings have been designed, produced and thrown away. Cables have been designed, tested, redesigned and produced in small quantities.

On top of this, we have designed software to update the Bluetooth controller from a Mac / PC.
We aim to start shipping small quantities this month – and larger quantities in August. Yes we are talking about 2018.