Listen mode without a bias voltage

We implemented a very important change on the avee add-on: it now also supports full operation without a bias voltage (help voltage ) present. Short explanation: for the microphone to work, the headset in the aircraft needs a ‘bias voltage’. This is a voltage between 8-16VDC coming from the intercom or radio in the aircraft. […]

The Bluetooth Controller

It is not an understatement to say that we get a lot (..) of emails regarding the Bluetooth controller. Many of you have pre-orderered this product and is somewhat frustrated on the rather long delays we have had here. So: why the long delays and what is happening ? To be short: read the previous […]

New cables

As many of you know, we have had challenging problems with the cable used to connect the avee to the aircraft. Some of you have seen this problem in all its evil, while the majority of the customers have not had any problems at all. We have spent endless hours trying to figure out what […]