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The Avee Ultimate – Upgrades


Please note that some Ultimate products will have a delivery time – check the delivery times tab below. Updated Tuesday the 2nd of April.


Please note that no parts of the Ultimate (cables, mic boom etc ) series is compatible with any previous Avee system (first generation, NG generation)


As a service to customers who have supported us by previously purchasing an Avee Microphone Kit, we offer you to upgrade your kit to the latest Ultimate series of the Avee Aviation Microphone.


To be entitled to purchase the Avee Ultimate Upgrade Kit, the following simple rules apply: New rules from december the 15th 2023.

  • 1- You must be the original owner of a previous version of the Avee Microphone Kit and you must be able to prove this by either referring to your original purchase order or sending us the invoice for the original order.
  • 2- You can purchase one Upgrade for each Avee microphone you bought originally.


The Avee Ultimate series Headset Microphone kits are our latest generation kits for standard recreational acoustic noise canceling (ANR) headsets.
The Avee Ultimate is designed as a solution for aviation purposes for pilots, but can now also be used in USB computer/simulator systems.

  • Simple and comfortable to use: the headset adapter plugs into the base of your headset and can be attached and detached in a fraction of a second.
    No ‘on-the-cable’ interface boxes – giving a clean and tidy solution – and less to carry in your pilot bag.
  • All ‘best-in-class’ ANR headsets from Sony® and Bose® are now supported in the Ultimate series.
  • A generic version of the Avee headset adapterfitting all headsets – is now available.
  • In the Ultimate series, we have reintroduced the Bose® QC25 headset adapter.
    The QC25 is still a very good headset worth supporting.
  • The Avee Ultimate headset adapter is 60-70% smaller than our previous version.
    All Avee headset adapters (except for the generic version) are designed to fit specific premium noise-canceling headsets – giving an integrated design.
    The microphone boom is redesigned and made even easier to move away when drinking & eating.
  • The Avee Interface Cables are redesigned to be more sturdy than the previous NG version – and to prevent accidental detachment.
  • Three interface adapters are available:
    • Standard dual GA and XLR-5 for aviation use.
    • USB interface for Mac and PC.
  • Bluetooth is supported with the new BlueLink Ultimate – giving you 12 hours of stereo entertainment with automatic muting and built-in safety.
  • If you own an Avee already, we offer upgrades to the Ultimate series.

Read more about the Avee Ultimate Series Headphone Microphone kits in the tabs below.
Please note that some Ultimate products will have a delivery time – check the delivery times tab below. Updated Friday the 22nd of March.


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Please note that no parts of the Ultimate (cables, mic boom etc ) series is compatible with any previous Avee system (first generation, NG generation)


The Avee Ultimate headset microphone kit

The Avee solution combines the unprecedented comfort of a range of standard headsets with a state-of-the-art aviation microphone – giving a lightweight tailor-made aviation headset with superior audio communication.

The Avee Ultimate aviation microphone series is based on our previous Avee series – and is perfectioned to make it even smaller, lighter, even more comfortable – and easier to use.

How it works
The Avee Ultimate system is one unit with three easily exchangeable parts:

  1. The Avee Headset Adapter

    The headset adapter is the part that is plugged into the lower part of your headset and is the base for the microphone boom and the Avee500 interface cable going to the aircraft.
    The headset adapter is held securely in place with a proven robust magnet solution, preventing it from accidentally detaching from your headset.
    The magnet solution makes it easy to attach and detach the headset adapter whenever you’d like.
    The microphone boom is plugged into the Avee headset adapter and can easily be moved when eating and drinking –  or even exchanged.

    The Avee Ultimate headset adapters contain no electronics: in our previous generation’s headset adapters, the electronics were contained inside the headset adapter itself. The Avee Ultimate headset adapter is made to fit one headset – or a small range of headsets from the same manufacturer.
    When choosing the headset adapter; make sure you choose the one fitting your headset. If we do not support your headset with our custom-built adapters, choose the Avee generic headset adapter!

    The Avee Generic headset adapter
    The Avee Generic headset adapter is an adapter that fits all standard headsets with a 2.5mm or 3,5mm audio connector.
    The Avee adapter is fastened to your headset using a 3M dual lock velcro system, and the adapter can fairly easily be removed and reattached to the headset.

    1. Advantages and disadvantages
      The advantages of the Generic Avee headset adapter compared to the custom-built Avee headset adapters are:

      a) This solution makes it possible to use an Avee even when you do not have one of the headsets we support
      b) A cheaper alternative if you are changing your headset type often.
      c) In principle you can use it on both the left and right sides of the headset, but practically the right side is often locked by touch buttons preventing the right earcup from being used for this purpose.
    2. The disadvantages of the Generic Avee headset adapter are:
      a) The solution looks a bit strange – if we can say that about a product we manufacture.
      b) Even if the microphone boom platform is stable, it is not nearly as stable as the Avee custom-made for specific headsets.
      c) The cable from the Avee to your headset makes the solution a bit messy – or should we rather use the term ‘not clean’.
      Some like it – some do not.
  2. The Avee 500 Aircraft interface cable

    The Avee500 adapter cable is the cable between the headset adapter and the aircraft adapter.
    In the Ultimate series,  the Avee500 aircraft adapter cable has been redesigned to be more sturdy than the previous generation interface cable.
    The aircraft adapter cable plugs into the Avee headset adapter and the aircraft dual-GA or XLR-5 adapter with USB C connectors:
    a) On the headset side, the USB C connector can be plugged in two ways; letting the cable point upwards (over your shoulder) or downwards (your chest).
    b) On the aircraft/USB adapter side, the USB C connector can be plugged in one way only.
    The Avee500 Aircraft Interface Cable is available in two lengths: 180 cm (71 inch) and 130 cm (51 inch) and can be exchanged in seconds.

  3. The Avee510 or Avee512 aircraft adapters

    The Avee510 and Avee512 Aircraft adapters are the adapters that plugs into your aircraft; either with the ‘standard’ dual GA connectors (Avee510) or with an XLR-5 (Avee512) as a physical interface.
    The electronics interfaces for the Avee headset adapter are contained within the dual GA and XLR-5 adapter, giving a solution that is extremely compact and reliable.
    The Avee510 Dual GA Aircraft Adapter and the Avee512 XLR-5 Aircraft adapter have a built-in LED which is red when something is wrong, and green when the Avee headset adapter is plugged in correctly.
    No need to say: the LED is switched off when the Avee aircraft adapter is not connected to the aircraft – or aircraft avionics is switched off.

    1. Volume –  and microphone level setting
      There are no level adjustments that need to be set on the Avee aviation headset interfaces:
      1) The microphone output level is set to a standard level – there is no need – and it is not possible to adjust this level.
      2) The headset volume is set to a fixed level – and is normally adjusted from the aircraft.
      All headsets we support from Bose (except the QC35) have a built-in volume control on the headset. However; we recommend setting the headset level to maximum and adjusting it from the aircraft.
    2. Mono & stereo setting
      A fairly educated guess is that around 99% of all aircraft in the world support mono sound only; the same audio goes to both headphone earcups.
      The XLR-5 interfaced used widely on Airbus and now on Boeing as well, supports mono sound only.
      On the dual-GA interface, however, stereo sound is supported – even if most aircraft do not support stereo.
      In the Avee510 GA Aircraft interface, stereo audio is supported by toggling a mono/stereo switch in the cavity for the USB C connector to the right side.
      Normally this switch is put in the left position (mono).
      Note: If you set the mono/stereo switch to stereo in an aircraft that does not support stereo, you will most likely lose audio in your right earcup..
      If you need a Lemo, Neutricon, or 174/U connector for your aircraft, we must disappoint you: you will need a cable adapter to use the Avee Ultimate.
  4. The Avee514 USB Adapter

    The Avee 514 USB adapter is the adapter you can use to connect your Avee Ultimate to your Mac or PC.This solution makes it easy to use your Avee Ultimate when having Teams, Skype or Facetime meetings –  or when using your Avee Ultimate in a simulator setting.The Avee514 USB adapter is recognized automatically by a Mac or a PC and no additional drivers or software installations are needed.
    Features supported on the Avee 514 USB adapter:

    1. USB C female connector
      The Avee514 USB Adapter has a USB C female plug: connect it to your computer using a USB C to USB A or USB C to USB C cable.
      Note: This cable is not included when purchasing the Avee514 USB Adapter.
    2. Volume control for:
      1. setting the audio level on the party you are talking with
      2. setting the audio level of the sidetone – your own voice being fed back into your headset.
    3. Switch for muting:
      By pressing the mute switch you mute your microphone when you don’t want to be heard.



Additional information

Weight 0,25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 3 cm
Headphone type (headset adapter)

Bose® QC25, Bose® QC35/45/QC SE/QuietComfort, Bose® 700, Sony® WH1000XM3/XM4, Sony® WH1000XM5, Bose® QuietComfort Ultra, Avee Generic Headset Adapter (fits all headsets)

Avee500 interface cable

Avee500/180cm: 180 cm (71 inch) length, Avee500/130cm: 130 cm (51 inch) length

Avee Aircraft Adapter

Avee510:Dual GA connectors in aircraft, Avee512: XLR-5 connector in aircraft





What is included in the kit

What is included in the Avee Ultimate Kit

When purchasing the full Avee Ultimate Aviation headset kit, the following parts are included:

  • The Avee Headset adapter
    Choose the one you need – and choose the right one. If you are not sure – give us a call – or send an email to
    The headset adapter does of course include the microphone boom itself.
  • One Avee500 Aircraft Interface Cable
    Again: choose the length you need. And it is always smart with a spare.
    Cables are like shoes and underpants: Eventually, you wear them out. And you don’t want to be without them.

    • 130cm (51 inches) – fits smaller aircraft and even the left side on Boeing and Airbus.
    • 180cm (71 inches) – fits all aircraft
  • The Avee510 or Avee512 Aircraft adapters and/or the Avee514 USB Adapter
    Choose the onees you need.
    If you don’t know what you need and need what you don’t know; please send us an email or give us a call.
  • Extra windshields and magnetic strips
    Two extra windshields for the microphone boom and two extra microphone strips for the headset adapter are included.
  • One Avee keychain
    The gorgeous Avee keychain is included in all shipments from us.

The Avee headset case
The Avee headset case which has room for the Avee is included only if you order it.^
The headset case can optionally be lasered with your name, phone, and email – and this kind of makes it easier to give your Avee back to you if you have left it in an aircraft somewhere. Norwegian cunningness at its very best.
Please note: the Avee case is a bit small for the Sony headsets (we are working on a solution for Sony customers).
Additional products
Additional/spare parts for the Ultimate system can be purchased from the web under the Ultimate section.

Please note that no parts of the Ultimate (cables, mic boom etc ) series is compatible with any previous Avee system.


Avee Ultimate for the Sony® headsets

Avee Ultimate for the Sony®

The Avee Ultimate series supports the Sony® WH1000XM3, WH1000XM4 and the WH1000XM5 from 2023.
The Sony® headphones are extremely good when it comes to noise canceling (ANR) and comfort.
In general, they are slightly bigger than the Bose® headsets and have more room for your ears inside the earcup cushion. The Bose earcup cushion tends to rest more on your ear.

None of the Sony® headsets we support have a built-in volume control, meaning that all volume settings must be done from the aircraft (this is however what we recommend for all our headset solutions).
The Sony® headsets we support work like normal even when the built-in battery is dead. The sound is slightly muffled, however, but not as muffled as on the Bose® headsets.

AveeXM3/XM4: The Avee Ultimate Headset Adapter for the Sony® WH1000XM3 and Sony® WH1000XM4
The Avee XM3/XM4 headset adapter fits these two headsets ONLY.  It will not fit any other headset from Sony or any other headset manufacturer.

AveeXM5: The Avee Ultimate Headset Adapter for the Sony® WH1000XM5
The Avee XM5 headset adapter fits the Sony® WH1000XM5 only.
It will not fit any other headset from Sony® or any other headset manufacturer.

If you do not already have a headset, we recommend that you try them out at your local headset store: some like the Bose® headsets while others prefer the Sony®.

Changing the headset cushion
It is fairly easy to change the headset cushions on the Sony headsets, and cushions are available from different suppliers on the internet.

Simplicity of use
The Bose headsets are fairly easy to use but like everything else – it takes some time to get used to.
The on/off switch is a push button.

Things to know
The Sony headsets have a function called ‘Speak to Chat’.
This function switches off all incoming audio when your voice is detected,  and it comes as a nasty surprise the first time you get it.
Switch it off by pressing two fingers on the right earcup: the message ‘Speak to chat off’ is heard. Leave the function off.
Easy to handle when you know – but a real (real) pain when you don’t.


Things to aware off.

Avee Ultimate for the Bose® headsets

Avee Ultimate for the Bose® headsets

The Avee Ultimate supports the Bose®  QC35, QC45, 700, and the Bose® Ultra. We are even reintroducing the older QC25 as a product we support.
Please note that products from Bose® named Bose® SE and Bose ® Quetcomfort – to our knowledge – are the same as the Bose® QC45.
To our knowledge, the only difference between these products and the QC45 is that they come with a different headset case.

The design & comfort

In general, the Bose® headsets are physically smaller than the Sony® headsets – and they will normally take less space when folded & stored.
When it comes to comfort they are as good as the Sony headsets, but the earcups are generally smaller than on the Sony headsets.
Many of us will feel that the earcup cushion is resting on the ear – the ear is not inside the earcup – and for long-time use, this can be a bit annoying.
However; this depends on the Bose® headset version:

  • The QC25 has fairly tiny earcups (around 58 x 33mm oval size).
  • The Bose® QC35/45/SE/700/Ultra has medium size earcups (around 60 x 38mm oval size).
  • The size of the earcups on the Sony headsets is around 60 x 40mm, but the shape is different – leaving more room for your ears.
Built-in volume control

All headsets from Bose® apart from the older QC25 and QC35 have a built-in volume control. This can be nice to have, but we feel it is more annoying than a needed feature.
All headsets from Bose® having the built-in volume control, do also have a bug where the volume is turned down to a minimum if you plug out the Avee when the ANR (noise reduction) is on.
When you know it, it is not a problem, but we still ask why this bug is not removed.

ANR off / flat battery mode

All the headsets from Bose® that we support, still work like normal when the ANR is off – or the battery is flat:
However; the Bose® Ultra goes dead as a dodo when the ANR is off or the battery is flat.
A quick search on the internet shows that his feature is not appreciated by normal customers.
The ones of you who had the joy of flying with the old QC15 will remember that this headset had the same issue: when the battery was dead you would not hear anything at all.
But this is more than 30 years ago so we are somewhat surprised over this ‘feature’ (error, bug, design flaw) on the Ultra. Good job Bose!

The magnetic stripe

The magnetic strip on the Avee Ultimate
  • The magnetic strip is adhered to the headset by following the simple installation procedure which can be found in the Magnet strip installation video under. Please note that two adhesive magnetic strips (one spare) are included when purchasing the Avee microphone kit.
  • Please be careful to choose the correct magnetic strip for your Avee microphone as these are designed for one specific Avee microphone.

TSO and ETSO certifications

What is an TSO/ETSO approval

The TSO (US Technical Standard Order) and its European equivalent ETSO (European Technical Standard Order) authorization, represents one way (and not the only way) to have parts and appliances approved. This is an optional step in a design process which ensures that a part or appliance complies with a minimum performance standard.

Is the Avee Aviation Microphone TSO/ETSO approved ?

All Avee products are designed according to FAA TSO and EASA ETSO-C139, however: we are not using a third-party test house to verify our products.

The complete headset solution with the Avee Aviation Microphone is not TSO or ETSO approved.
The reason for this is simple: as a manufacturer of the microphone part of the solution only, we do not have full control of the production line of the headsets we are adapting to (Bose & Sony), and hence: we can not obtain a TSO/ETSO approval.

The Avee microphone add-on itself is designed in compliance with TSO standards , while the Bose & Sony headsets most likely are designed according to different standards than the TSO.

This fact does however not mean that the quality of headsets from Bose & Sony is higher – or lower – than headsets manufactured according to the TSO standards.
Their design standard is simply not TSO.

It is a fact that the quantity of high-quality headset products coming out from Bose & Sony are far superior to the quantity of aviation headsets being produced.
Making low-quality products would not be a good business model for sure, and the quality of Bose & Sony headsets is simply excellent

Our competitor’s TSO approval

We do know that some of our competitors state their products are TSO compliant – or even have a TSO approval.

This might be correct for part of the product , but will unfortunately not apply for the complete headset solution with a Bose or Sony (non TSO) headset.

The complete system as ONE UNIT has to be approved  – from cable to ear cushions. This is not possible for mixed systems like the Avee system.

Who require the TSO approval
It is important to know that the request for a TSO approved headset is an airline request, and not a FAA request.
Headsets used by the pilots in aircraft do not need a TSO or ETSO approval.

We estimate we sell around 90% of our products to commercial pilots, but we do see that the TSO requirement from airlines in the US is far more common than in airlines in the rest of the world.

Read more here

Bluetooth support

The Avee560 BlueLink Ultimate
Enjoy safely listening to music or audiobooks using the Avee BlueLink Ultimate:

  • The Avee BlueLink Ultimate is an add-on to the Avee Ultimate kit and can be attached and detached whenever you like to use it.
  • Fully automatic stereo audio – even if most aircraft are mono-sound
  • Pilot safe user interface: so simple to use that even captains can use it 😉 !
  • Configurable muting of ATC/intercom when listening to music:
  • Accept incoming and outgoing phone calls during flight.
  • Spoken configuration messages
  • 12+ hours of active use on one charge.
  • The belt clip with friction velcro keeps the BlueLink stay on the belt
  • Audio battery-level messages on request (battery low is automatic)
  • Shipped with a 45 cm long cable (Avee500/45) between the headset/Avee microphone and the BlueLink.
  • Failsafe operation in case of a flat battery
  • Comes with a USB A to USB C charge cable. USB C on the BlueLink.
  • Software upgradeable

Clip it on
Typically the BlueLink Ultimate is clipped onto the seatbelt when used – and this is the reason for using a 45cm flexible cable between the headset/Avee microphone and the BlueLink.
Please note that this cable is the standard Avee500 cable which comes in three different lengths (sold separately): if you want a longer cable between the headset and the BlueLink- simply choose a longer variant of the Avee500 cable.

Keep in mind that the BlueLink weight is only 44 grams (the A20 controller is around 300 grams) so it is not likely that this unit will cause strain on your neck.

What it is shipped with
The Avee BlueLink Ultimate is shipped with the following parts:

  • The Avee560 BlueLink
  • A 45cm length (Avee500) interface cable between the BlueLink and the Avee microphone.
    Please note that ANY Avee500 length cable can be used between the BlueLink and the Avee microphone
  • USB A to USB C charge cable.

Delivery times

Delivery times for the Avee Ultimate

We are pushing all we can to get all items ready for shipment.
The delivery times for the Avee Ultimate are according to the following per March 22nd 2024:

  • Avee Ultimate for the Bose® QC35/45/SE/Quetcomfort  
    Shipment by priority of order – starting March 10th 2024
  • Avee Ultimate for the Bose® Ultra  
    Shipment by priority of order – starting April the 3rd 2024
  • Avee XM3 and XM4 for the Sony® WH1000XM3 and Sony WH1000XM4
    Shipment by priority of order – starting March 10th 2024
  • Avee XM5 for the Sony® WH1000XM5
    Shipment by priority of order – starting March 10th 2024
  • Avee 700 for the Bose® 700
    Shipment by priority of order – starting May 6th 2024
  • Avee 25 for the Bose® QC25
    Shipment by priority of order – starting May 6th 2024
  • Avee Generic
    Shipment by priority of order – starting April 9th 2024
  • Avee BlueLink Ultimate
    Shipment by priority of order – starting April 23rd 2024.
  • Avee 500 cables
    Immediate delivery.
  • Avee 510 Dual GA – and Avee512 XLR-5 aircraft adapters
    Immediate delivery.
  • Avee 514 USB interface for Mac & PC
    Mid April

This plan will be revised weekly.

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Almost perfect

Excellent build quality. I use it every day. Only one weakness is the cable being too thin. I'm not sure if it will last too long of daily use. A braided reinforced cable would be much better. Other than that it's a great product.

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