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Browse our most common frequently asked questions below about our family of Avee products.
Find answers to a variety of technical, design, operational and overall general questions relating to our full product line and accessories.
If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, feel free to contact us on support@avee.no !

You can also reach us on phone in the working hours.

1.What happens if I loose battery power in my headphones?

All headphones we support with our Avee microphones have internal that lasts some 20-30 hrs to support the ANR (acoustic noise reduction).
If this battery goes flat, the ANR will simply stop working.
However, the  headset will still provide ATC & intercom audio even if it can  sound  a little different.

We still recommend ensuring your headphones are completely charged before flight.


2.Will I be warned if my headphones have low battery power?

Only the Bose 700 will give you a low battery warning. The other headset will giver you a visual warning with a blinking led only.


3.Is the internal Bluetooth in the headsets supported by Avee used when flying ?

No, when these headsets are connected to the Avee microphone,  the internal Bluetooth is shut off.

A Bluetooth connections to mobile devices can still be achieved by using the Avee BlueLink.


4.Will music or phone calls be interrupted by ATC when using the BlueLink?

Yes, you can choose to automatically mute phone calls or music when ATC or intercom audio is detected.
The BlueLink has a range of settings for handling this.

We also have a feature called Silent Cockpit. Simply select the ‘silent cockpit’ key on your Bluetooth Controller to mute music and reject any incoming calls—a useful feature when flying into busy airports.


5.Will mobile interference occur in my headset?

As on all electronical equipment, you can also get the familiar GSM buzzing when using the Avee microphone.
If this occurs try moving your mobile device (including tablets) away from all Avee cables.
We also recommend turning off GSM while in flight, even if GSM transceivers will not introduce any critical issues for the Avee microphones.

1.Will the avee microphone adapter work in all aircraft?

Yes, the the Avee microphone will work in all aircrafts with a high impedance intercom/radio system. Most modern aircrafts in the world utilize this solution.


2.Will the avee GA connectors fit any aircraft – like a Boeing 747 or a Cessna 172?

If your aircraft has GA connectors for the headsets, the avee GA connectors will fit perfectly.
Some aircrafts however, use different connectors – like XLR-5 or the Lemo Redel (also referred to as a Bose connector).
In this case, you will need the appropriate connector for that specific aircraft.


3. Which aircraft connectors do you support?

We support all standard connectors found in aircrafts: dual GA, 174/U, Lemo Redel, Neutricon and XLR-5. If you don’t see your adapter available, please contact us!


4. I fly aircrafts with different connectors. Do I need more avee microphone?

No – you do only need one avee microphone.
Simply purchase the aircraft adapter cables you need, and plug the correct one for that specific aircaft into the avee microphone.
The exchange is done in 3 seconds.


5. Can I listen to music simply by connecting the cable to my mobile device?

No, none of our products supports listening to music with a straight cable connection.
The reason for this is safety!  When you get an ATC call, the music MUST be muted automatically – and this can not be done using a passive cabled connection to your phone or pad.
The  BlueLink will however allow you to connect your mobile device to listen to music or audio-books and place or receive phone calls.
On this solution music is automatically and immediately muted when you get an ATC call.

1.What happens if I lose battery power to the BlueLink?

When the internal battery in the BlueLink is eempty, the mobile device connection will be disconnected, including Skydemon. Regular audio communication such as ATC communication, intercom and most Avee specific audio messages will continue as normal.

Will I be warned if my BluLink battery is low?

No – not in the  current firmware version. You can however monitor the battery status on the BlueLink display.


3.Will the BlueLink charge while connected during flight?

The BlueLink will not be charged while connected to the  aircraft via any  connector.
It can however be charged in flight by using a USB  charger.
We recommend charging your controller prior to flight to ensure you sustain full battery power.

1.Why do you have two different microphone booms?

We have the microphone boom in two different lengths because we are not all created in the same size, and it is important that the microphone is directly in front of  your mouth to work as efficiently as possible. 


2. How do you know what is the correct microphone boom length?

Very simple to measure by following thee steps:

a. Find a tape measure and a pencil ( it does not have to work).

b, Stick the pencil (carefully) into your right ear.

c. Measure the distance between the pencil at your ear and center of mouth.

  • 145mm microphone boom
    If the distance is less than 155mm – chose the 145mm microphone boom.
  • 165mm microphone boom
    If the distance is more than 155mm – chose the 165mm microphone boom.

Can I exchange the microphone boom myself ?

Yes you can.
The microphone boom is attached to the Avee microphone via a micro USB connector and a flexible silicon connection.

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