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The Avee Office
for Bose QC35

We are thrilled to announce that we are now introducing the Avee Office series of microphones – aiming at the office market.

During the four years since Avee started shipping aviation microphones, we have constantly been improving our products for the aviation market.

The Avee Office is a Bluetooth-based wireless microphone that can be ‘plugged on’ to your premium noise-canceling headset and makes it a silent sensation out from you as well.

When you are in a phone conversation or a Teams meeting, the Avee Office microphone only picks up your voice, and all background noise is blocked out: talking colleagues, happy kids, cats & dogs, and even keyboard clicks and coffee machines.   

And we dare say this is a perfect product for gamers.

The Avee Office series of microphones are based on our aviation series of microphones where blocking out background cockpit noise is an actual & crucial necessity.

How it works

When you plug in the Avee Office on your headset, the built-in Bluetooth in your headset is disconnected, and the Avee Office connects to your phone and PC/Mac via Bluetooth.
The microphone that is placed right in front of your mouth can easily be adjusted.
The Avee Office is kept securely in place with the same magnetic connection used on our aviation microphones.

Side tone – listen in

When using the Avee Office, you will get side-tone – your own voice – in the headphone.
The level of the side-tone can be adjusted from the Avee Office.
This feature is crucial because the built-in ANR in the headset effectively blocks most of the audio from outside – including your own voice.

Features – in brief
Listening to music & audiobooks from your headset and Avee Office 
  • Pause & play supported from the Avee Office
  • Listening to music is indicated with a green ‘breathing’ light on the Avee Office
In phone or computer Zoom or Teams meetings
  • Completely blocking out background noise from the Avee Office microphone
  •  Answer/reject/hang-up calls from the Avee Office
  • ‘In phone/meeting’ is indicated with a red ‘breathing’ light on the Avee Office
  • Adjust the level of your own voice back into the headphones from the Avee Office adjustment wheel
Battery capacity
  1. Estimated 20-25 hrs continuous use
Bluetooth support
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP profiles supported
  • 2 simultaneous connections supported – one active
  • Micro USB charging port
ANR Headsets supported

Planned release dates

  • Versions for the Bose® QC35®  will be available fall 2022.
  • Version for Sony® WH1000XM3 and Sony® WH1000XM4 will be available in early 2023.  

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