Reduced shipping rates

We are happy to introduce our new reduced shipping rates !

So far – our customers have had one option for shipment: DHL World Express.
DHL has proven to be extremely reliable and super fast: typically one night from Norway to Europe and two nights to the US.
But this fast and reliable shipment has come at fairly high cost (EUR 25-35 ) for the shipment.

Deutche Post shipments

We are now offering Deutche Post tracked shipments from Kehl, Germany to all European countries.
Practically this means a higly reduced shipment rate on our products for those customers who does not need the product over night.
All local taxes and local VAT is prepaid as before: nothing to pay for you when you get the parcel.

When ordering choose Deutche Post tracked shipment as shipment alternative.

How we do it

Practically all shipments to Germany, Europe – and the rest of the world being shipped with Deutche Post as a carrier, will be shipped out from Norway as bulk shipments (many units in one big case) to Kehl in Germany.

Here the shipments will be transferred to Deutche Post.

Once your order is shipped from Germany, we estimate a 2-3 weeks shipment time to all customers in Europe.

How much will it cost ?

All depending on where you are in the world: Germany USD 7,
USD 17 for the rest of Europe, the *US and beautiful *Canada. **not available yet.

All Deuche Post shipments are tracked, and you will get the tracking number when ordering.

DHL shipments

We will of course continue offering DHL shipments to those of you that are in a hurry – and the ones with a thick wallet.

When ordering choose DHL World Express shipment as shipment alternative.

Local pickup Germany

In the near furture (within June 2021) we will offer local pickup at Kehl in Germany. It will then also be possible to pay when you pick up your Avee.

When ordering on our web pages, please choose Local pickup Kehl for this alternative.

Please note – use the web for ordering !

All ordering is done via the web to ensure that all data given is correct.
We store the data in our system for warranty purposes.

Startup issues

Please accept that we can have some startup issues on the ordering pages for the reduced rates/Deutche Post shipments.
If a shipment comes up as free – something is wrong. Please do  not select this free shipment.

And: if the system says we do not ship to your country – the system is most likely completely wrong.

Give us a call – or send us an email if this happens!