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Like every winter our plane is moved from Norway to Spain, and we are doing this first part of this week. We will be back to normal Friday december the first!

The Avee 'Tell a friend' / referral / affiliate program

The Avee ‘Tell a friend’ / referral / affiliate referral program makes it easy to tell someone you now about the Avee products – and get a reward for it !
If the friend or follower you are referring to us purchases an Avee product, she will get a 10% discount and you will get a 5% bonus for your help.

The big picture / the idea

Either share your coupon code with a friend (or many friends)
write an article on your blog or share our products in your social channels.

The user accesses our shop through your referral link for from avee.no directly.

The user purchases one or more products in our shop and gets 10% discount when using your coupon code.

The sale is recorded by our affiliate system and linked to your profile.

You earn a 5% commission on the order placed by the user.
The users gets a 10% discount when using your coupon.


The Avee affiliate / ‘Youtube/Facebook’ sharing program is simple to use – either if you want to share with a single friend or 40.000 Youtube followers.

Step 1:
Register as an affiliate on our web: My account – > Affiliate register (https://www.avee.no/affiliate-register/).
You must be a registered customer to get access to this page. (You own an Avee that you purchased, invoice can be possibly asked)
From the Affiliate Dashboard (My account -> My account ->
Affiliate Dashboard) you get access to all settings and info needed to make earnings on Avee. 

  • Step 2 (simple version):
    Send the referral code found on your Affiliate Dashboard via text message, Facebook, mail or Postman Pat to friends or someone you know.

  • Step 2 (Youtube version): Make a video (or even picture) you like to share – and tag this with the referral code found on your Affiliate Dashboard.
    Inform the viewers that by using the referral code, she/he will get a 10% discount on all our products when making any purchase from our web.
    Post your video on your channel.
    We do most likely not have to mention that the video/picture should contain an Avee product.

    And the more work you put into the video/images, the more viewers you get.
    From here you do not do anything – your cash machine is running by itself!
  • Step 3:  A number of your viewers on your channel will purchase an Avee product with your code.
    The viewer will get a 10% discount as promised – and you will get 5% of the sales amount (not including local VAT and shipping costs) for each customer using the referral code.

The rules for the ‘Avee Youtube/Facebook’ sharing program are according to the following:

  • The referral code presented on your Youtube channel/Facbook posts can be used by an unlimited number of customers for their first time purchase at Avee.
    Each and every time a first time customer is using it, she/he will get a 10% discount on products from us.
    There is no minimum purchase.
  • Your 5% reward accumulates and is available for 35 months.
    The reward collecting-process is automatic – you do not have to do anything.
    Your reward is available as cash or as products from Avee.
  • You will have a complete overview over all succesful referrals from the Avee Afilliate Dashboard.
  • To be able to get your referral code, you must be a registered Avee customer and you must have purchased an Avee microphone kit.
    Please note that we are not giving away Avee kits: to make money you need to invest some money.
  • Your 5% reward will be available for 35 month after your viewer has purchased a product.
  • If one of your viewers who purchase a product from us, returnes the product within the 30-day money back guarantee time limit; you will not get the 5% reward.
  • For every referral payout you must issue an invoice to Avee AS.
    This can easily be done from Paypal or your own accoutning system.
    Typically one payout contains way more than one referral.
  • Contact us if you need a customized referral code like for example ‘bob_the_pilot’,’ ronny_the_eagle’ etc.

Stay tuned with the Avee newsletter

In our newsletters  you will get information on the Avee Aviation microphones and related products, and/or information on the Avee Office related products from us:

  • Technical updates
  • New products information
  • Discounts & promotions
  • Our latest news
  • You can at any time unsubscribe from the Avee newsletter.
  • The Avee newsletters will be issued twice a month at the very most.
If you subscribe we will send you an email for you to confirm. If you do not get it; check your spam folder!
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