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Tell a friend about Avee - we pay you cash!


The Avee referral program makes it easy to tell your friends about the Avee products – and get a reward for it !
If the friend you are referring to us purchases an Avee product, your friend will get a 10% discount. You will get a USD 15 reward for your help.


The Avee referral program is super simple to use and this is how you do it:

  • Step 1: You send a message to a friend via this ‘Tell a Friend’ page.
    This message can be sent via email – or shared on Facebook or Twitter with a single key press.
    To send by email, simply fill in one or more email addresses in the fields below and press Send.
    Press the Facebook or Twitter icon to use social media for sharing.


  • Step 2: Your friend gets the a message with a link & coupon code.
    By pressing the link with the coupon code, your friends web browser is being forwarded to the Avee site.


  • Step 3:  If your friend decides to purchase an Avee product, your friends will be given a 10% discount on all Avee products and you get a USD 15 reward for telling your friend about Avee.
    The minimum customer purchase value for releasing the customer discount and reward is USD 150.

The rules for the Avee referral program are according to the following:

  • The coupon code sent to your friend, can be used by an unlimited amount of first time customers. Each and every ‘first time customer’ using it, will get a 10% discount.


  • Your reward for used coupon codes accumulates. If one friend uses the code, your reward is USD 15. If three friends uses the code, your reward totals USD45.
    The reward collecting process is automatic – you do not have to do anything.


  • Your reward is available as cash or as products from Avee.


  • The coupon code (to the person being referred) is valid for 14 days from when it is issued.


  • A coupon code can not be issued to yourself.


  • To be able to issue a coupon code, you need to be a registered Avee customer and you must have purchased an Avee product.
Please note

If your original purchase was done without registering as a customer, you will get the error message Invalid email address when trying to log in.
In this case you need to register, then send us an email to support@avee.no saying you are a non registered customer wanting to use the referral program.
We will then link your previous purchase to your registered account, and you can proceede with the referral.

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  • The Avee newsletters will be issued twice a month at the very most.
If you subscribe we will send you an email for you to confirm. If you do not get it; check your spam folder!



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