The Bose® QC45

A couple of weeks ago we received the Bose® QC45 headsets, and frankly we were thrilled about it. And we still are.

As weird as it might sound we are so incredibly happy that almost nothing has changed on the new QC45 compared to the older QC35.
The QC35 has been – and still is – our favourite. And the Avee Aviation microphone made for it is for sure our best seller.

And the reason for this is the simplicity of the QC35.

What is new ?

  • On the QC45, Bose has kept the mechanical on/off/pair switch on the right earcup.
    Holy moly how happy we are for this decision from Bose.
    • This means it is extremely easy to operate even for the least technical of us.
    • If you forget to turn the headset on before putting it on, you turn it safely on in a second. 
      And you get that tactile feel for if it is on or off. 
  • No (or almost no) additional non-needed features and hard-to-find-and-understand-buttons are added.
  • The ANR is excellent – as it is on the QC35 and the Bose 700.
  • The comfort is ‘best in class’.
  • The QC45 together with the Avee for the QC45 gives you what is needed for an aviation headset!
    The best Aviation headset ever!?

So what has changed from the QC35 to the QC45?
Basically four minor things have changed from the QC35:

  • The charging connector has changed from a micro USB connector to a C type USB connector.
  • When connected to the Avee, the QC45 has a built in volume control. The volume is adjusted by pressing the +/- keys on the QC45 headset.
    On the Avee for the QC35, the volume is adjusted from the Avee volume knob.
  • Bose claim the battery life is some 5-10% better on the QC45 than on the QC35.
  • The physical design on the QC45 has some subtile changes compared to the QC35.
    Unfortunately this means you can not (say again:can not) use the Avee for the QC35 on the QC45. It does not fit.

Tests in our DA-40D aircraft
Quck tests in our Diamond DA-40D shows that the QC45 works like a breeze as an aviation headset.
It feels like the QC35, it looks like the QC35; but it is a QC45.
We are before Christmas setting up a full scale ANR test of all the headsets we support. And we will even include the good old A20 headset.
That will be interesting.

When is the Avee for the QC45 coming
Our plan is to release the Avee for the QC45 before Christmas this year.

Untill then
The QC35 is extremely affordable at the moment. It is on sale in most stores – and it will be for months to come.
Purchasing the QC35 now for use as an aviation headset is therefore our advice – if you do not want to wait for the Avee for the QC45 to arrive.


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