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Avee aviation microphones for pilots

Professional aviation microphones for standard premium ANR headsets.
Personal   ●   Superior Comfort & ANR   ●   Versatile   ●   Bluetooth   ●   Value for money.

What is the Avee system?

The Avee system (Avee is pronounced ‘eivee’) lets you use a standard non-aviation headset as an aviation headset.

This solution gives you a superior aviation headset – and a headset to use when you are off work: less money to spend compared purchasing a single purpose aviation headset, and way less to carry in your flight bag.

The Avee solution is super clean, light – and extremely comfortable to wear.
There are no bulky interface boxes and fishy connections.

How it works

The Avee system has a microphone adapter that is plugged onto the headset and an aircaft adapter that is plugged into the aircraft.

The connection between the headset adapter and the aircraft adapter is an easily exchangeable, thin and flexible custom USB cable available in two lenghts.

The Avee headset adapter is attached to the headset using a magnetic connection: a safe ‘click on’ connection when you fly – and easily ‘click off’ when you are incognito on seat 22A listening to your favorite podcast.


The Avee aircraft adapters

In the latest Avee generation: the Avee Ultimate –  the electronics for the aircraft interface is found in the dual GA and XLR-5 aircraft interface connectors.

The aircraft adapters have a red and green led:  green light – everything is ok to go/ red light – something is not connected.



Bluetooth connectivity

The Avee BlueLink gives you Bluetooth connectivity for the Avee Ultimate.

The BlueLink is an add-on to the add-on and can be plugged it whenever you want it.

Music or audio books are automatically muted or paused whenever ATC or the co-pilots comes in.
Fully and easily configurable with spoken audio messages – giving you full stereo in your Avee Ultimate equipped headset.

Note: To be released August 2024.


The Avee Ultimate aviation microphone kit

The Avee Ultimate is the latest generation of  aviation microphone kit from Avee – released in february 2024.

The Avee Ultimate series is smaller, lighter, more comfortable and affordable than ever.

More headsets from Sony® and Bose® are supported, and we have even made a generic version fitting all headsets.

Bluetooth is supported with the new BlueLink Ultimate

Upgrades are available if you are already an Avee customer!

If you already own a previous version of the Avee like Robert in his Robinson R22, then (and only then) you can purchase an upgrade to the Ultimate Series – and of course – still keep your old Avee!
And the price is not bad!

Some rules applies
If you are NOT an Avee customer and still purchase this product:

  • we take your money and
  • purchase & drink expensive Norwegian beer
  • forget your order
  • we will leave Norway and go to Thailand – you’ll never find us
Additional products

In our store you find a number of additonal products:

  • The microphone windscreen – held securely in place by the mic barbs!
  • The Avee headset case – made for your Avee and lasered with your name and phone number.
  • Our gorgeous Avee keychain – preferred by cats around the world – and kids at Aero2024
  • Extra magnetic strips –  for attaching the Avee adapter to the headset
  • Legacy NG products – spare parts for older Avee series

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