During the months of July and August we will ship twice a week.

Avee aviation microphones for pilots

Professional aviation microphones for standard premium ANR headsets.
Personal   ●   Superior Comfort & ANR   ●   Versatile   ●   Bluetooth   ●   Value for money.

The Avee Solution

The Avee solution gives you an extremely tiny and comfortable aviation headset system: super light, reliable, easy to use, and no bulky interface boxes.
Dual GA and XLR-5 aircraft interfaces are supported.

New product:
The Avee for the Bose® 700

We have started shipping the Avee adapter fitting the Bose® 700 !
It looks great, works really well - and it's in stock.

New product:
The Avee for the Bose® Quietcomfort 25

We have started shipping the Avee adapter fitting the good old Bose® QC 25 (all units in order will be UPS-shipped within July 12th).
The QC25 was - and still is - a very good headset for aviation use: simple to use and it has excellent ANR.
The tiniest Avee adapter we ever made!

Avee adapter for the Bose® QC45

This happy guy is wearing the Bose® QC45 with the Avee Ultimate fitting the QC45/SE/SC/Quietcomfort and the QC35. It is super comfortable, light weight and easy to use.
The picture is taken in a Boeing 737 with XLR-5 connectors.

The Sony WH-1000XM5

Here we have the Avee Ultimate for the Sony XM5 (WH-1000XM5). The XM5 has excellent ANR and ear-cups that fits normal (read big) ears.

Sony WH-1000XM4

Here we have got the Sony WH-1000XM4: excellent ANR, affordable and super comfort. Fits perfect for us with normal size ears. The Avee Ultimate for the XM4 fits the XM3 as well.

The Bose Ultra

- a step back in time...

The Avee Ultimate Ultra fits the Bose Ultra. The Ultra has good ANR and excellent comfort, but sadly it does not work when power is off. Many customers experience latencey issues when talking (like talking into a tin-can) with this product from Bose.
Frankly there are better and more affordable solutions available.

The Avee Generic

The Avee Generic version is new product from us, and in principle it fits all headsets (with our without ANR) with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm audio connector. Read more about on the "Our store" -> Avee generic tab.

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