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Our affilate program makes it possible to share a coupon code with one or many people:  giving him/her/them a 10% discount and you a 5% bonus.

  • A coupon code can be shared directly to one ‘friend’ or as a ‘broadcast’ using for example Facebook or Youtube.

  • A coupons you share give ‘friends’ a 10% discount and you get a 5% commission for each sales generated with the coupon code.

  • You find the coupon code linked to you on your  ‘My account’ page -> ‘Affilate dashboard’ and then select the ‘Coupons’ tab.

  • The default coupon codes are generated automatically by our system – meaning; they are somewhat cryptical and non-describing (like 12345xyz2234).
    If you want a ‘custom’ coupon code (like ‘pilot_bob’, ‘rudderless_ronny’,  ‘johnny_the_eagle’ or ‘the_aviator’ etc), send us an email to and we will generate a coupon code according to your suggestion (if it is not already taken).

  • You keep track of your referrals & earnings from ‘My account’ page -> ‘Affilate dashboard’ and the ‘Dashboard’ tab.

Either share your coupon code with a friend (or many friends)
write an article on your blog or share our products in your social channels.

The user accesses our shop through your referral link for from directly.

The user purchases one or more products in our shop and gets 10% discount when using your coupon code.

The sale is recorded by our affiliate system and linked to your profile.

You earn a 5% commission on the order placed by the user.
The users gets a 10% discount when using your coupon.

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