Avee BlueLink – sneak peek

The Avee BlueLink MkII has been making good progress the last few months.
We expect to start shipping the first BlueLinks out to customers by the end of April 2022.
The BlueLink is available for back-order from February 12th.

The Avee Office for Bose® QC35 !

We are thrilled to announce that we are now introducing the Avee Office series of microphones – aiming at the office market.
The AveeOffice for the Bose® QC35 start shipping fall 2022 !

The Avee45 for the Bose® QC45 is in production

The new Avee45 fitting the new Bose® QC45, has been going through an intense developing and testing period, and we have released the Avee45 for production  January 16th 2022.

The Avee45 can be back-ordered now and first orders will be shipped first.
We estimate to start shipping this product Medio February  2022.

Avee BlueLink MkII update

The Avee Blulink MkII is getting closer to its release.
Several units are now being tested by pilots, and we are tweaking both software and hardware to make the BlueLink a product we will like to fly with.
You find the preliminary technical specifications and user manual here.

ETSO & TSO approvals

We have added some info regarding ETSO and TSO approvals of the Avee Aviation Microphone.

Upgrade kits available

Upgrade your old Avee to the NG-series for an affordable amount of gold !
Go to the shop to see more!

Norwegian customers

Free Helthjem shipping on all orders more than NOK 2500 to customers in Norway – delivered on your doorstep.
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