During the months of July and August we will ship twice a week.

The Avee45 for the Bose® QC45 is in production

The new Avee45 fitting the new Bose® QC45, has been going through an intense developing and testing period, and we have released the Avee45 for production  January 16th 2022.

The Avee45 can be back-ordered now and first orders will be shipped first.
We estimate to start shipping this product Medio February  2022.

How we develop our products
Our procedure for all new development is to start by making specifications for the new product.

For the Avee45 fitting the Bose® QC45, the specifications for the electronics are similar to the electronics for the Bose® 700, so these specifications are reused.

Mechanically the electronics for the Avee45 are almost similar to the electronics used for the  very popular Avee35 (fitting the Bose® QC35) – hence the electronics for the Avee45 is a merge between the Avee35 and the Avee700.

The physical design of the Bose® QC35 and QC45 is also almost similar, but there are subtle differences between these products.
And we spend many hours making the Avee product fit the headset as good as possible.

Numerous (often close to a hundred) samples of the plastic enclosure are printed on  our  3d-printers; tiny changes are made, and new samples are printed.
This time consuming process continues till we are fully satisfied with the product.

The picture on the right shows the inside of the Avee45 3d-printed version- top and bottom side.
Room for the printed circuit board (the  PCB) is fitted and spacers to keep the PCB firmly in place are added.
The ‘framework’ seen on the upper side of the product is used by the the 3d-printer to ‘hold’ the part while printing.

For those who wonder
For those of you wondering: we are using the Prusa SL1 S resin 3d-printers and we are amazed by this product.
All our designs are done by us in Solidworks.

For us it is not a good idea to use 3d-printed products for the ‘production version’ of the product shipped to the customer.
The quality of the 3d-printed is not ‘production quality’, and the long term stability of a 3d-printed product is currently not good enough.
The number of products we ship every week, also tells us that this for us would be a bad idea.

Electronics design
In parallel to the design  of the  new casing, we do develop the electronics for the new product and make this mechanically fit the casing. 

Important details here are to make the product easy and quick to assemble.
And of course all new products have to be compatible with cables and microphones booms for our  other products.

The result
The design phase ends up in a finished Avee prototype consisting of electronics circuit board and  a 3d-printed casing.

We are now doing internal tests on the almost finished product and do tweaks if that is needed.
The quality of the 3d-printed samples have improved a huge lot during the last 12-24 months (we are not talking about the last years but last months).
An accuracy of 0.05 mm is what we now get from a good quality 3d-printer, and this is more than adequate to test that the ‘plastic’ enclosure will work for this product; that  it fits the headset and that it is possible to assemble for us.  

External tests
In between design, coffee drinking and scratching our heads, we do internal tests on the product to make sure it really works like we expect it to.

After the product has  passed through internal tests, we send out a number of prototypes (still 3d-printed) to external testers.

These external testers are typically commercial (jet) pilots who fly a lot – and like to comment and give advise. We have testers on ‘everything’ from B747, A3x0 (even A380) and B737s and business jets.
We are also using private (piston) pilots for testing, and these are carefully selected from a group who fly a lot.

After the product has passed through all these phases, we set the product in production.
It is a fact that most parts for our products are manufactured in China.
The reason for this is to get a proper price / quality  ratio, and sadly; to get a delivery time we can live with. 
As an example: The production time for the high quality plastic mold we are using for our Avee casing, is typically 15 work days. 

All electronics parts are assembled in Norway (not to far from the Avee office), and we do final assembly, programming  (if applicable), testing & verification from our office in Norway as well.
We do currently ship from two locations; Norway and Germany.


The Avee45 for the Bose® QC45 is in production

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