We are experiencing huge problems with one batch of aircraft interface cables! This problem leads to crackling sound and even complete loss of sound.
We got aware of the problem some 3-4 weeks ago and immediately starting investigating what the cause of the problem was.
We have found that the connections from the cable to the tiny cicuit board inside the USB 3.1C connector (the one that is plugged into the avee add-on) is causing the problem.
It is easy to blame the manufacturer here (the cables are made in China on our specifications) , but the responsibility is shared. Our design is simply not good enough – causing production quality issues.

What have we done with it
We have simply re-designed the connector that is causing the problem. The tiny circuit board inside the connector (yes there is one in there) has been redesigned to be way easier to solder wires on to.
Short circuits caused by pulling the cable will not longer be possible.
We have also redesigned the strength relief on the cable. The new strength relief is no longer pointing straight back to your neck, but pointing either 80 degrees down or 80 degrees up depending on the way you plug in the connector. The new strength relief is also much softer than the old one and giving a real relief on the cable.

When will it be available
W are now waiting for the new strength relief over-mod to be finished. We will have samples of the new cable mid next week and we will then need one day for verification before we order a full batch.The manufacturer already have all parts parts (apart the tool for making the over-mold itself)  and is ready to start an immediate production of the full batch when we say go.
We expect to start shipping the cable to the customers last week of April.

We are really sorry for the problems this manufacturing problem has caused for you who have suffered from it.