Happy New year to all of you !

This year has been the busiest year in Avees short history !
We are really happy to say that NOW we are finally on track with all our products.
We do have all products in stock and we are able to deliver the same day as the orders come in.

The BlueLink
We started shipping the BlueLink in small quantities this summer, and we have now finally gotten rid of all back orders on this product.
Needless to say that it took way to much time, but: it is a very complicated product. Far more complicated than we estimated when we started.
But now it is ready and we are really happy with it.
Still tweaks on the software, but these are easily updated to the unit using the Avee Download Tool (ADT).
The still missing support for phone support will be added in January 2020.
The Avee Download Tool is currently available for Windows and Linux. We got a little setback with the Mac version (Apple has really strict security rules on software downloaded from internet), but we will solve this as fast as we can and release a Mac version for the ADT.

Quality work
We have spent a lot of time and money on improving product quality and product traceability.
During 2018 we had problems with several batches of cables, and this cost us a lot.
Since then we changed our way of manufacturing cables, and the short story is that the cable problems were solved.
We have also gone through the manufacturing process on the electronics itself to avoid problems. The electronics itself is assembled in Norway at a company nearby, and we are very happy with this solution.
Cables, plastic casings and the new Avee headset case is designed by us and manufactured by various manufacturers in China.

Laser marking
From late December 2019, all products from us are laser marked with production batch and production date. All electronic components do have a serial number lasered in as well.
The laser marking is added after an automated sucsessfull test procedure.

The Avee Case
Already at this point we see that the Avee case is a success. And we started shipping the case early December.
The name and phone/email laser marking has also proven to be a good idea – so please keep that in mind if you need a case for your headset !

Plans for 2020
We do have great plans for 2020! But based on the delays on the BlueLink (and to avoid to be strangled by Martine & Pascal) we will not release these before we have real products. 

The Avee for the Bose 700
The Avee mic-add on for the Bose 700 will however be released late January 2020.
As discussed in the newsletter from July this year, the 700 is extremely good when it comes to comfort and ANR.
The only negative we have found so far – is the price.

We wish you all a Happy New Year – the year of 2020

The Avee Team

Martine, Pascal, Stig and Knut

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