Updating the Avee BlueLink firmware
To be able to download new firmware to the Avee BlueLink via USB – you will need the Avee Download Tool (ADT for short).
The Avee Download Tool is currently available for Windows only (up to version 10) and can be downloaded from here: Avee Download Tool Version 1.0 – May 29th 2023.
For those of you that are on Macs: Yes – we are working on it!

The USB driver
Internally the BlueLink is using the CP2102N USB interface chip from Silicon Labs, so please go to this page to download the driver if this is not already installed on your computer: https://www.silabs.com/developers/usb-to-uart-bridge-vcp-drivers?tab=downloads. Download the CP210x Universal Windows Driver  to your computer and unpack.
If you do not know how to install a driver, please get some help from a friend.

The Avee Download Tool
The Avee Download Tool itself is extremely easy to use.

  • Unpack the ADT zip-file to your C-disk
    The ADT is typically installed in a directory named adtxxxx.
  • Start the ADTxx.exe program in the adtxxx direcltory.
    Accept all warnings (if any) from your computer).
  • The ADT window pops up, and when the BlueLink is connected to your computer via the included USB cable (and the driver is correctly installed), it shows that you are connected to the BlueLink and it shows which firmware is installed on the BlueLink.
    If N/A comes up as the connected device, your BlueLink is one of the first we shipped. A firmware upgrade is still possible by pressing the Update FW button (see below).

    • In the Connected Device field on the left side of the panel, you will see which device is connected to the ADT.
      Here you will also see which firmware is installed on your BlueLink, and which spoken language is installed.
      In the example shown, firmware version 1.5C is installed and English is the spoken language from the BlueLink.
    • In the Version History tab you will find a list of changes made to the Avee BlueLink versions.
      From version 1.0 to the latest version available.
      Please note that the User Guide will be available for one specific firmware.
    • In the About tab, you will find information on the version of the Avee Downloader.
  • To be able to download firmware to the BlueLink, your computer MUST be connected to the internet.
    Firmware upgrades and the documents shown in the tabs are downloaded from our internet area automatically.
  • To upload new firmware to your BlueLink, first select which spoken language you would like to have installed, and then press the Update FW button.
    Do NOT (meaning DO NOT) disconnect the BlueLink while downloading new firmware.
    Per May 29th 2023 we do only support the English and French languages, however: Spanish and German will be supported in a short time.
  • The firmware download typically takes less than one minute.
    After the download is finished, the ADT will show the new firmware version being installed in the Firmware version field.


The Avee Download Tool for the BlueLink MkII is here!

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