The Bose® QuietComfort® SE

We are happy to inform you that the Avee45 fitting the Bose® QC45  also fits the ‘new’ Bose® Quietcomfort® SE.

We do not see or hear any difference between the QC45 and the QC SE – apart from that the QC SE comes with a cheap-looking headset case.:

  • The SE looks exactly like a QC45.
    We can not tell the difference, and we do kind of know what to look for…
  • The excellent user interface is like on the  QC45
  • It has the same weight as the QC45
  • The sound quality on the SE is similar to the QC45.
  • It works like a breeze with the Avee.
  • When testing the ANR – we find it to be like the QC45.
    Simply very good.
  • Comfortable like a QC45.

So; us humble folks at Avee have been trying our best to twist our tiny brains: why is Bose releasing a product that is exactly (TBC (to be confirmed)) similar to a product they have already released?
The minds of Bose®, the Good Lord®, and Sales People are for sure going in mysterious directions.

Anyway: there are some incredibly good Black Friday® offers on the QC SE: Less than USD/EUR 199 (even including the 25% Norwegian VAT)  and that is a very (extremely very) good price for a product like this!

Perfect for flying: go for it and say thank you to Bose®!!

The Bose® QuietComfort® SE

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