All Avee cables redesigned

We have redesigned all our cables and adapters: More flexible, thinner, lighter and much more comfortable !
All new orders are shipped with these cables & adapters!

The physical interface between the Avee microphone and the aircraft now consists of two parts: the Avee400 Interface Cable and the Avee41X Aircraft Adapter.

The  Avee400 Interface Cable is the cable between the headset and the Avee Aircraft Adapter (which is plugged into the aircraft ).
This new cable is comfortable to wear: light (only 15 grams max),  flexible and thin: only 2.5mm in diameter as opposed to our legacy cable which was around 4mm in diameter and way stiffer.

The Avee400 cable is made of a rugged and high-quality Kevlar-strengthened material with built-in strength relief on both ends.
The Avee400 cable has USB C connectors on both ends: an angled connector for the end plugged into the Avee microphone, and a straight connector for the end plugged into the Avee 41x adapter.

The Avee400 cable comes in four lengths: 45cm (typically used between the BlueLink and the Avee microphone, 125cm, 165cm, and 200cm.
The 165cm cable fits almost all commercial and GA aircraft; from C172,DA40,B737,A320 to A380. Typically the left seat can take a shorter cable than the right seat, but the 165cm length is a safe choice.

The Avee adapters
The new Avee adapter is the physical interface between the Avee Interface cable , and the connectors found in your aircraft.

  • The most common adapter is the Avee410 GA Adapter which should be used for all aircraft with GA connectors (top picture).
  • The Avee412 XLR-5 Adapter should be used for all aircraft with XLR-5 connectors ( right picture).
  • The Avee414 174/U Adapter should be used for all aircraft with 174/U connectors (helicopters only).
  • The Avee416 Neutricon Adapter should be used for all aircraft with Neutricon connectors.
  • The Avee418 Lemo Redel Adapter should be used for all aircraft with Lemo Redel connectors

The new Avee cables & adapters may be shipped as standard mail/letter from us due to the low weight and size.

Please note that one Avee400 Interface Cable and one Avee41x adapter are included when you purchase the Avee kit.

All Avee cables redesigned

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