Happy Easter Holiday – March 31-April ​6th

Happy Easter Holiday 2021 – March 31-April 6th According  to the tradition here  in  Norway, we have found our wooden skis and are  heading  for  the mountains to enjoy the  last snow of 2021.We are back again Tuesday April 6th. 

Newsletter 2020

Happy New year to all of you ! This year has been the busiest year in Avees short history !We are really happy to say that NOW we are finally on track with all our products.We do have all products in stock and we are able to deliver the same day as the orders come […]

Exchangeable microphone boom

We are happy to announce that we have started shipping the Avee add-on with an exchangeable microphone boom: the Avee145 Exchangeable Noise Cancelling Microphone. When ordering the Avee add-on, you are now given the choice between two microphone booms: the standard 145mm boom and the slightly longer 165mm microphone boom. The microphone boom is exchangeable […]

Cable problems

We are experiencing huge problems with one batch of aircraft interface cables! This problem leads to crackling sound and even complete loss of sound. We got aware of the problem some 3-4 weeks ago and immediately starting investigating what the cause of the problem was. We have found that the connections from the cable to […]

Video: Avee Setup Instructions

Hello Avee Customers! Before installing your avee add-on, please take a look at the Avee setup instruction video ! Thanks, The Avee Team