We implemented a very important change on the avee add-on: it now also supports full operation without a bias voltage (help voltage ) present.
Short explanation: for the microphone to work, the headset in the aircraft needs a ‘bias voltage’. This is a voltage between 8-16VDC coming from the intercom or radio in the aircraft. The purpose of the voltage is simply to make the microphone on the headset work.
On the avee – we use this voltage to make the micro-controller inside the avee work (the micro-controller is a tiny circuit that is using a set of rules to define if for example stereo is available in the aircraft and to set the volume level out the the headphone speakers).

In aircrafts
On all aircrafts the bias voltage is present when you are in listen mode. With that we mean that you can talk in the intercom and the others in the aircraft can hear you via the intercom. And you can hear yourself.
But for some installations, the bias voltage is removed in some situations. We have reports of where 1) when the left seat is keying, the right seat might loose the bias voltage.
Or 2): when the right seat is keying, the left seat might loose the bias voltage.
If the avee looses the bias voltage, the micro controller inside will stop working after a few seconds. Then there is nothing to operate the volume on the speakers, and you will hear faint sound.

On handheld transceivers
On some handheld transceivers you can connect a headset via for example the familiar GA connectors. On a handheld transceiver there is no need for intercom – and this means that there is no need for a bias voltage when the microphone / PTT key is NOT operated. Hence: there is no bias voltage present when the PTT switch is not pressed.

To make this short: we have implemented features to solve these issues. The avee now works in listen mode even when there is no bias voltage present.
These new units have been shipped for a few weeks already, and are of course available now as the standard product.